Minami-kun no koibito (TV Mini-Series 2015– )

Season 1

1Long Forgotten First LoveLong Forgotten First Love (10 Nov. 2015)
High school senior Chiyomi Horikiri has friends and a suitor but not the love of her childhood sweetheart Shunichi Minami. An errant wish reduces her to a few inches high.
2Under the Same Roof?!Under the Same Roof?! (17 Nov. 2015)
Chiyomi rather enjoys being small and holding up in Shunichi's bedroom, happily learning about him till neighbors, fearing foul play, conduct a search of the area.
3A Magical Love MalletA Magical Love Mallet (24 Nov. 2015)
Efforts to return Chiyomi to normal result in running afoul of the law, a head cold, and unwanted visitors for Shunichi.
4Don't Give Up, MinamiDon't Give Up, Minami (1 Dec. 2015)
Both Chiyomi and Sayori hit a touchy subject when they try talking Shunichi (still recovering from his cold) into rejoining the school kendo team.
5Chiyomi's Big AdventureChiyomi's Big Adventure (8 Dec. 2015)
With a burglar in the 'hood, Chiyomi raids her own home for doll clothes to wear. Upon return, she discovers an intruder.
6I Know I'm Not Good EnoughI Know I'm Not Good Enough (15 Dec. 2015)
Still caring for Chiyomi, Shunichi feels the pressure of performance from women advancing around him, enough to be the stuff of nightmares.
718-Year-Old Proposal18-Year-Old Proposal (12 Jan. 2016)
Being small becomes Chiyomi's big advantage to learning a family secret: she's a love child.
8The Blue FairyThe Blue Fairy (19 Jan. 2016)
A hospitalized little girl, who believes her mother hates her, pilfers Chiyomi away from Shunichi, thinking her a blue fairy.
9A Romantic Getaway for TwoA Romantic Getaway for Two (26 Jan. 2016)
Advised by Riku, Shunichi takes Chiyomi to Cape Akebono in hopes of her restoration.
10Good-bye Chiyomi, Good-bye MinamiGood-bye Chiyomi, Good-bye Minami (2 Feb. 2016)
A hit-and-run street accident returns Chiyomi to her family, unharmed yet unchanged, but puts Shunichi in the hospital.