Forged in Fire (TV Series 2015– )

Season 8

1Veteran's Knife SpecialVeteran's Knife Special (18 Nov. 2020)
On this special episode, Forged in Fire salutes our nation's veterans.
2The Deadly Vajra-MushtiThe Deadly Vajra-Mushti (25 Nov. 2020)
After a couple of intense rounds in the forge, two competitors head back to their home forges to recreate a deadly and unique Indian weapon: the vajra-mushti.
3The Legendary Sword of SaladinThe Legendary Sword of Saladin (2 Dec. 2020)
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4M1905 Springfield BayonetM1905 Springfield Bayonet (9 Dec. 2020)
Four smiths must rely on their math skills to determine the amount the steel needed to make their signatures blades.
5The Giant Sword of William WallaceThe Giant Sword of William Wallace (16 Dec. 2020)
Four bladesmiths are faced with a gigantic challenge, scaling down a nine foot long dagger to exactly a fifth of its size.
6Forged in Fire ChristmasForged in Fire Christmas (23 Dec. 2020)
The stockings are hung and the forges are aglow in a special Christmas competition where four smiths must work their way to the judges nice list.
7Judges' Home Forge BattleJudges' Home Forge Battle (30 Dec. 2020)
For the first time, Judges Ben Abbott, J. Neilson and David Baker are thrown into the fire for a grueling home forge battle against each other.
8The Massive Maguro BochoThe Massive Maguro Bocho (6 Jan. 2021)
Four bladesmiths get cooking when they are tasked with forging a cleaver using only the steel from meat hooks.
9Teeth Of The TeghaTeeth Of The Tegha (13 Jan. 2021)
Four bladesmiths get revved up when they are tasked with forging signature blades from a burnt up car. With no usable leaf spring, the smiths race to salvage the best steel to make their blades. After a couple rounds of burning rubber, two are sent home to recreate the Serrated Tegha Sword. Which smith will produce a show-stopping weapon worthy of the title of Forged in Fire champion and a check for $10,000?