Forged in Fire (TV Series 2015– )

Season 7

1Sword of PerseusSword of Perseus (9 Oct. 2019)
Four bladesmiths are sent on an Odyssey worthy of the Greek Gods: forge a blade from Greek armor and artifacts using the Go-Mai, or the five-layer technique. The smiths wrestle with steels of varying hardness to try to create a blade that would make the weapons God Hephaestus proud. Two smiths get through the brutal testing and head home to re-create the mythical Sword of Perseus. Which smith will return to the forge with a weapon formidable enough to take down the mighty Medusa, and be crowned "Forged In Fire" Champion?
2General Patton's SabreGeneral Patton's Sabre (16 Oct. 2019)
In a Forged in Fire first, four bladesmiths are tasked with forging a parameter specific blade shape in just two hours.
3The Jian SwordThe Jian Sword (23 Oct. 2019)
Four smiths get thrown into the mix when they must Frankenstein a blade from one knife and combine it with a different weapon's handle.
4The Rock-Throwing CrossbowThe Rock-Throwing Crossbow (23 Oct. 2019)
Four bladesmiths honor the forge's legendary power hammer Big Blu by ripping it apart and forging competition choppers. But will beating beast's high carbon heart, the piston, provide enough steel for all the smiths? After two exhaustive rounds, two remaining smiths head home to recreate one of history's most unique hunting weapons: the Rock-Throwing Crossbow. Which smith will sling themselves to the title of Forged in Fire champion, earning respect and the $10,000 check?
5Halloween EditionHalloween Edition (30 Oct. 2019)
In this frighteningly special Halloween competition, four smiths shiver to the bone as they salvage steel from the corpses of broken, decaying blades.
6The Boa-Zande SwordThe Boa-Zande Sword (30 Oct. 2019)
Four smiths must know the drill when they're tasked with forging a canister damascus blade using different sized drill bits.
7The Musketeer RapierThe Musketeer Rapier (6 Nov. 2019)
Four smiths are tasked with transforming bits and pieces of old damascus steel into fossil damascus signature blades.
8The Tizona of El CidThe Tizona of El Cid (6 Nov. 2019)
Four smiths must face the music when they are tasked with creating San-Mai blades from musical instruments. After battling forge welds and thin billets, three take the stage in the second round where they must fine-tune their knives by adding guards and pommels. Ultimately two head back to their home forges to recreate Spain's legendary warrior, El Cid's Tizona. Which smith's weapon will hit a high note with the judges earning them the title of Forged in Fire champion and $10,000?
9Episode #7.9Episode #7.9 (13 Nov. 2019)
In honor of Veteran's Day, four bladesmiths pay tribute in a special military themed competition, forging their blades from the biggest salvage yet--a panzer tank.
10Episode #7.10Episode #7.10 (13 Nov. 2019)
Four smiths spring into action when they are tasked with creating signature blades from different sized springs.
11The Barbarian SpathaThe Barbarian Spatha (20 Nov. 2019)
Four smiths must salvage steel from old weapons and combine them using the Hada technique to forge a Pugio - the dagger said to have murdered Julius Caesar.
12Family EditionFamily Edition (27 Nov. 2019)
Two families go head-to-head in an all-out battle not only against another household, but also each other. Loyalties will be put aside as the smiths fight forge welds, the heat, and the clock to make a canister Damascus blade from odd pieces of high carbon steel. After a fierce round of tests, the two remaining competitors return home to recreate the rapier inspired by Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. Which smith will be the breadwinner and bring honor to their name with the title of Forged in Fire Champion along with the $10,000 prize?
13Frankish Throwing AxesFrankish Throwing Axes (11 Dec. 2019)
Four smiths get ready for the ultimate showdown when they are tasked with forging a camp knife out of steel harvested from a barbecue.
14A Very Forged ChristmasA Very Forged Christmas (18 Dec. 2019)
It's the most wonderful time of the year in the Forge! Four merry bladesmiths gather 'round the fire to spread holiday cheer.
15The Chinese War SwordThe Chinese War Sword (1 Jan. 2020)
Four smiths get ready for a cage match when they are tasked with not only freeing their tools from a steel grate, but also forging a knife from it.
16The Sword in the StoneThe Sword in the Stone (8 Jan. 2020)
Four smiths are on a quest to forge signature blades from various Damascus patterns. A tedious and time-consuming task, only three competitors will be victorious. After a brutal second round the two final competitors are tasked with recreating their own version of the legendary Sword in the Stone. Find out which smith can pull the best sword from the forge and be crowned Forged in Fire Champion with a king's worthy prize of $10,000.
17Charlemagne's SwordCharlemagne's Sword (15 Jan. 2020)
Four smiths crack open crucibles to reveal surprise metals they'll use to forge signature blades. After a tense, one smith is sent packing.
18The Spanish Conquistador SwordThe Spanish Conquistador Sword (22 Jan. 2020)
Four smiths are faced with recreating the WWII Special Forces Smatchet knife. A knife famous for its versatility on the battlefield.
19The PiraThe Pira (29 Jan. 2020)
Four smiths must navigate stormy seas by making Hada blades from the material harvested from a ship's wheel. After confronting an ocean of problems in the first two rounds, just two smiths sail through testing to make it to the final challenge where they must recreate the symbolic and deadly Filipino sword: the Pira. Which smith has the sea legs to survive the final testing and win the $10,000 treasure and the title of Forged in Fire champion?
20French Pioneer SwordFrench Pioneer Sword (29 Jan. 2020)
Four smiths are out on the farm to salvage steel from old farm equipment to make classic chef knives. Only two smiths will slice and dice their way to the final round.
21Darb Sri Gun Chai Battle SwordDarb Sri Gun Chai Battle Sword (5 Feb. 2020)
In a twist of fate, four smiths must forge a twist and stack damascus blade. After two rounds the last two smiths standing must return home and recreate the Darb Sri Gun Chai.
22Zulu War AxeZulu War Axe (5 Feb. 2020)
Four smiths are tasked with forging Japanese Natas using a traditional Japanese technique.
23The Chinese ZhanmadaoThe Chinese Zhanmadao (11 Mar. 2020)
Four smiths are tasked with creating signature blades from 1095 steel. As time ticks by, new parameters will be added, keeping the smiths on their toes.
24The German DussageThe German Dussage (18 Mar. 2020)
Four bladesmiths are tasked with making a canister damascus blade from threaded bolts.
25The German DussageThe German Dussage (25 Mar. 2020)
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26Game of ForgeGame of Forge (1 Apr. 2020)
In a throwback to the Iron Age, four smiths must forge daggers as if they were in 650 B.C., relying solely on coal forges and brute force to get the job done.
27The IkakalakaThe Ikakalaka (8 Apr. 2020)
Four smiths determine their fate when they have to select a forging technique ranging from easy to difficult. They must choose wisely as their selection will directly impact their next round. Ultimately, two smiths must recreate the Ikakalaka African Sword.
28Samurai ShowdownSamurai Showdown (15 Apr. 2020)
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29Baby Boomers and Gen ZBaby Boomers and Gen Z (20 Apr. 2020)
After several intense rounds, two smiths head back to their home forges to recreate ancient China's Sword of Goujian.
30The NimchaThe Nimcha (29 Apr. 2020)
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31Titanium SmackdownTitanium Smackdown (6 Mar. 2020)
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