Forged in Fire (TV Series 2015– )

Season 3

1Champions Edition - Scottish ClaymoreChampions Edition - Scottish Claymore (23 Aug. 2016)
Four Forged in Fire champions return for a chance to prove who among them is the best of the best in a challenge that leaves no room for error: a high carbon steel inlay.
2Fan FavoritesFan Favorites (31 Aug. 2016)
Four former contestants, back in the Forge by popular demand, return for a second shot at victory and redemption in an all new challenge full of unexpected twists.
3Butterfly SwordsButterfly Swords (7 Sep. 2016)
Four new contestants must choose wisely as they try to craft a blade of their signature style from a pile of tools, both old and new. Then the stakes are doubled when, for the first time ever, they must forge not one, but two swords in the final round. Crafting Chinese Butterfly Swords, our final two bladesmiths face twice the work, and twice the pressure, in their attempt to claim the title of Forged in Fire champion.
4The FalcataThe Falcata (13 Sep. 2016)
Four bladesmiths must create a blade out of high carbon steel while also forging the hammer they'll use to make it.
5Kora SwordKora Sword (21 Sep. 2016)
Four new bladesmiths step up to the challenge of forging blades using pieces of steel harvested from some monstrous power tools.
6Hunga MungaHunga Munga (9 Sep. 2016)
Serrated blades made from the tools placed in front of contestants are crafted. Then, a Hunga Munga, a large weapon with four edges, is forged.
7The Boar SpearThe Boar Spear (5 Oct. 2016)
Four bladesmiths must use the steel from a suit of armor to create a signature blade. After a tense round of testing, only two move on to the final round where they'll have just five days to create a weapon historically used for both combat and hunting--the boar spear.
8Xiphos SwordXiphos Sword (11 Oct. 2016)
When a group of new bladesmiths enter the forge, they're met with a challenge they never saw coming. They must grab the steel they'll use to make their blades from an imposing piece of construction equipment. This isn't the kind of scrap metal they're used to harvesting and just pulling the right type of steel proves to be a bigger task than any of them anticipate. After an intense round of testing, two remaining smiths face off to recreate a classic Greek sword used in close quarters combat. With a $10,000 prize on the line, both smiths turn out impressive blades for...
9The PandatThe Pandat (18 Oct. 2016)
Four blade smiths must salvage steel from a junkyard to create a signature blade using a hand-cranked coal forge.
10Zulu IklwaZulu Iklwa (26 Oct. 2016)
Four new bladesmiths are put to the test when they must forge a bayonet blade and engineer it to attach to a rifle.
11The PataThe Pata (10 Jan. 2017)
Over the course of three seasons, 26 bladesmiths have been crowned Forged in Fire champion. Tonight, prior winners return to prove who among them is the best of the best.
12The ZweihanderThe Zweihander (17 Jan. 2017)
Four competitors must forge weld blades for friction folders from tiny cubes of steel. After hammering through the testing, two smiths will return home where they will forge a German Zweihander. Due to its long length and use on the battlefield, they take their Zweihanders outside the forge to be tested, where only one will be crowned Forged in Fire Champion.
13Cavalry SaberCavalry Saber (24 Jan. 2017)
Four new bladesmiths face the unprecedented challenge of forging the barrel of a gun into a lethal knife. After a round of brutal testing, the final two bladesmiths return home where they have five days to forge one of the most legendary blades in combat history, the Cavalry Saber.
14The NaginataThe Naginata (31 Jan. 2017)
Four blade smiths must create a signature blade using a randomly chosen mystery technique. After a brutal round of testing, only two will return to their home forges where they will reproduce a Japanese Naginata. Famous for its long length and use in martial arts, the smiths take their Naginatas outside the forge to be tested. Only one will survive and be crowned Forged in Fire Champion.
15The HaladieThe Haladie (7 Feb. 2017)
For the first time ever, four bladesmiths must use high carbon steel to forge a hatchet. After an intense round of testing, only two can chop their way to the final round where they'll have just five days to create an ancient Indian weapon used to both stab and slice. Will the double-edged Haladie wound both of the finalists, or can one be singled out and crowned Forged in Fire champion?
16RedemptionRedemption (14 Feb. 2017)
Four previously eliminated bladesmiths return to the forge for a shot at redemption, but they face a challenge that will make their climb to the top more difficult.