Snake Boss (TV Series 2015–2016)

Season 2

1The Chase BeginsThe Chase Begins (24 Oct. 2016)
Julia is led on an exhausting and not so merry chase by one of the world's most dangerous snakes.
2Snakes and LaddersSnakes and Ladders (2016)
Julia grapples with a massive python, before encountering a lightning fast whip snake and visiting a hospital to talk snake bites.
3In the PoolIn the Pool (2016)
Johnny has one stinker of a day and Julia teaches us a few things about owning and caring for a lizard before dealing with a deadly trespasser.
4The Lizards of OzThe Lizards of Oz (2016)
Julia rescues a terrified Russian rapper from a neighborhood "gangster", Johnny finds himself in a tug of war with a python and bonny gets her first shot looking for snakes in the field.
5Whip ItWhip It (2016)
Julia is put to the test trying to catch on of Australia's fastest snakes. Barry gives Julia a tough decision to make. A keelback is on the loose. Finally, Johnny and Julia are faced with a grim situation.
6Walk on the Wild SideWalk on the Wild Side (2016)
Julia rescues a policeman from an unwelcome intruder. Johnny gets to go up against a venomous snake all on his own. And Julia gets to go explore at night in a leech infested forest.
7Dog Bites SnakeDog Bites Snake (2016)
It's touch and go for a python that has been attacked by two dogs; Johnny's artistic side is ignited, and Julia tries to control some misbehaving kids.
8StruggleStruggle (2016)
Julia in looking for the rainbow at the end of the python. She goes to show first responders how to handle snakes. Johnny helps a snake in a treacherous situation.
9Dunnies, Danger and Ducks!Dunnies, Danger and Ducks! (2016)
Johnny rescues a python in the poo, Julia starts a new business venture before facing off against two very deadly snakes.
10Face OffFace Off (2016)
Johnny Gets trapped in a tight spot with an unhappy snake. Julia finds herself in a very precarious battle with a python. And finally a bitter sweet visit to the RSPCA.