Snake Boss (TV Series 2015–2016)

Season 1

1Double TroubleDouble Trouble (5 Oct. 2015)
Julia confronts her fear on heights while trying to wrangle a massive carpet python. Meanwhile, Johnny Must try to catch two of them. Later Julia has a close call with the worlds second deadliest snake.
2A Sorry TailA Sorry Tail (5 Oct. 2016)
Julia saves a karate school from a highly venomous visitor. Meanwhile, Johnny Bagpipes leaves his lady flying solo as he prepares to fly to Rome.
3Stuck in the Middle with YouStuck in the Middle with You (2016)
Julia teams up with a terrier to track down a suspected deadly intruder. Meanwhile, she rescues Bob from a tetchy python, and comes up with a great marketing idea.
4Bird AppétitBird Appétit (2016)
It is a snake snack-o-rama. Johnny and Julia rescue a pet budgie before its too late. Johnny wrangles another python. And the both of them welcome a new member to the snake catching team.
5It's Not Easy Being GreenIt's Not Easy Being Green (2016)
Julia faces off against an unwelcome house guest in the form of an inquisitive serpent. Meanwhile, the new member of the team, Bonny, goes to doggy boot camp.
6The Fear FactorThe Fear Factor (2016)
It's all about the fear factor this time, as Julia deals with a potted threat first, before catching a tiny house dweller, and scaling a rooftop to rescue a big snake.
7Two Boys and a Shoe BoxTwo Boys and a Shoe Box (2016)
Julia will get a love-bite from her favorite snake, Bonny the dog continues her snake detection training, and then there's a deadly wrangle with a juvenile eastern brown.
8Life & DeathLife & Death (16 Nov. 2015)
Julia comes to the aid of a dehydrated python who needs to be taken to the RSPCA, and there's a remarkable confrontation between a Keelback and a highly poisonous cane toad.
9All in a Hard Day's Work!All in a Hard Day's Work! (2016)
Training is in full flow for Bonny the dog on her quest to sniff out snakes, but Julia is called poolside to fish out one cool snake, before facing an extremely close call.
10What a Catch!What a Catch! (2016)
Julia will be cooped up with a massive eastern brown, while Bonny gets her first taste of snake hunting, and Johnny ultimately makes his biggest catch yet.