Green Eggs and Ham (TV Series 2019– )

Season 1

1HereHere (8 Nov. 2019)
Soon after a rare chickeraffe goes missing from the Glurfsburg Zoo, Sam and Guy meet by chance at a diner, setting off a series of extraordinary events.
2CarCar (8 Nov. 2019)
Guy shows up to return Sam's briefcase only to learn he has company. Meanwhile, the mother-daughter duo begins their slow journey through the desert.
3TrainTrain (8 Nov. 2019)
With the bad guys in pursuit, Sam and Guy board a train to Meepville and meet Michelle's.
4FoxFox (8 Nov. 2019)
Taking a detour to find the chickeraffe some food, Guy and Sam cross paths with an egg loving fox who can't control his hunger.
5DarkDark (8 Nov. 2019)
While seeking shelter for the night the trio get stuck in a junkyard.
6BoxBox (8 Nov. 2019)
Panic hits the streets of Prinz Pazookle when the locals learn there's a chickeraffe in town. But a colorful carnival is bringing everyone together.
7MouseMouse (8 Nov. 2019)
Sam-I-Am and Guy-Am-I get thrown in jail with a mouse, so they try to escape.
8RainRain (8 Nov. 2019)
To escape the Bad Guys and stormy weather Sam and friends spend the night in Michellee's cabin, but trouble follows. Snerz hires outside help.
9GoatGoat (8 Nov. 2019)
Guy and Sam need a next-level plan when Snerz's animal-napper chases them up a cliff. As for the Bad Guys, they're definitely down -- but not out.
10HouseHouse (8 Nov. 2019)
The fugitive friends make a stop in Stovepipe Junction, where Sam gets to meet Guy's family -- and reveals a shocking secret.
11BoatBoat (8 Nov. 2019)
Just as Guy's about to try a bite of breakfast, the Bad Guys bust in with the truth about their mission. Under the sea, the plot thickens.
12ThereThere (8 Nov. 2019)
After a close call on the docks, Guy gets captured and learns he's been duped. Michellee gives her daughter a tour of Meepville
13AnywhereAnywhere (8 Nov. 2019)
The SnerzDay Gala sets the stage for a surprise ending that's full of twists and turns -- and a heartwarming act of true friendship.