Science of Stupid (TV Series 2014– )

Season 8

1Cornering in a Go Kart, Using an Outboard Motor, Jumping Out of a Plane Without a ParachuteCornering in a Go Kart, Using an Outboard Motor, Jumping Out of a Plane Without a Parachute ()
So ice in your drink is fine, ice in your face not so much. Jumping without a parachute is just best left to the experts. When cornering in a go Kart, you need to know the science or the corner will get you. Free running, painful if you get it wrong and using an outboard motor, no idiots allowed.
2Fishing Net, Luge and DivingFishing Net, Luge and Diving (7 May 2020)
Building your own snow luge track is just not a good idea if you don't like pain. Throwing a fishing net is a good way to humiliate yourself while giving others a good laugh, diving into shallow water is guaranteed to hurt, and riderless speedway bikes are dangerous.
3Inflatable Slides, Swing Burpees, Kitesurf RollsInflatable Slides, Swing Burpees, Kitesurf Rolls ()
Why would you actually want to drive your snowmobile over a cliff ? A kite surf roll is a neat trick if you get it right, and if not, its just painful. Inflatable slides are often great fun but should really be left to the kids, and if you don't know the science of Swing Burpees, agony and humiliation will follow.
4Ski Backflip, Carbonisation and Hand WalkingSki Backflip, Carbonisation and Hand Walking (30 Apr. 2020)
Failing a ski double back flip in snow doesn't hurt as much as falling down stairs hand walking, and fizzy drink Carbonisation errors and comedy.
5Building a Champagne Tower, Taking Off in a Paraglider, VorticesBuilding a Champagne Tower, Taking Off in a Paraglider, Vortices ()
Taking off in a Paraglider and getting it wrong may hurt, but at least the spectators get a laugh. Building a champagne tower is best left to the professionals and a vortex can be found all over the world and some of them will hurt.
6Downhill Cycling, Eggs and SurfingDownhill Cycling, Eggs and Surfing (30 Apr. 2020)
Surfing the biggest wave ever, isn't always easy, smashing egg science, and urban downhill cycling can get very painful.
7Snowboarding, Boats and Walking the PlankSnowboarding, Boats and Walking the Plank (7 May 2020)
Drift turns do not always go according to plan and when it doesn't something is going to get broken. Snowboarding without snow is bound to hurt sooner or later. Building your own boat might give you a sinking feeling, and walking the plank is sure fire humiliation and embarrassment..
8Grass Boarding, Aerial Splits and WaterfallsGrass Boarding, Aerial Splits and Waterfalls (28 May 2020)
If you don't know the science behind grass boarding, you are more likely to get it wrong. A Trial bike in an amateurs hands is guaranteed agony. Kayaking over waterfalls is not only cold and wet, but is probably best left to the professionals and attempting aerial splits is always open to pain and humiliation.
9Kayak Surfing, Biking and Felling TreesKayak Surfing, Biking and Felling Trees ()
Biking along mountain ridges should absolutely never ever be done by anyone other than the professionals. Kayak surfing is great fun, but remember the wave is out to get you, and felling trees without a professional and a chainsaw, will lead to mayhem and destruction.
10Donuts, Pouring and HandstandsDonuts, Pouring and Handstands ()
Vehicle donuts look and sound impressive, but get them wrong and you are open to laughter and ridicule. Being towed on a snowboard by any vehicle is just not a good idea. Pouring water is more of a problem than you would think, and doing raised handstands can always end in tears.
11Scooters, Roofs and SnowmobilesScooters, Roofs and Snowmobiles (14 May 2020)
Snowmobiles are not really designed for jumping, expect pain and humiliation to follow. Handsprings and balance go hand in hand. Putting up roofs should just be left to the professionals. Scooter bunny hops, are just hurt waiting to happen.
12Buggies, Grounding and MusclesBuggies, Grounding and Muscles ()
Racing high powered buggies is really exciting until it all goes wrong. You really need to understand the science behind electrical grounding to avoid a potentially fatal situation, and muscles can and do let you down just when you need them most.
13Beach Driving, Running and FreedivingBeach Driving, Running and Freediving ()
When driving on the beach, remember that the sand and water is not your friend, free diving is absolutely only to be done by the experts, concrete barriers can be pretty humiliating, chair jumping can hurt, and long distance running needs technique to avoid embarrassing falls.
14Kite Surfing, Rollerblading and Compressed AirKite Surfing, Rollerblading and Compressed Air (28 May 2020)
Please use the brakes on your scooter and save the windows and other objects. When learning to kite surf, a good knowledge of the science will prevent some humiliation. Compressed air can be fun, but also incredibly dangerous, and Rollerblade flipping will result in pain and embarrassment if you get it wrong.
15Towing, Swinging and Tumbling.Towing, Swinging and Tumbling. (21 May 2020)
If you do not understand the science behind towing a boat, then you could be in for a smashing time. Building a tree swing looks easy, but the results can be painful and humiliating and attempting a barefoot water ski tumble, can go wrong in so many ways.
16Predators, Helicopters and FlammabilityPredators, Helicopters and Flammability ()
A helicopter is one of the most useful inventions of mankind, but a sound understanding of the science and a high degree off skill is definitely required. Ballons are great fun at parties, carrying people sometimes not so much and filled with flammable gas even less, and when predators are hunting, best just to stay out of the way.