Science of Stupid (TV Series 2014– )

Season 7

1Black Ice, Blenders and InflatablesBlack Ice, Blenders and Inflatables ()
Ridng a motorbike is not as easy as it looks, but it can be funny. Black ice is rarely visible, but can provide no end of mayhem and humiliation. Attempting to bounce off giant inflatables is always good for some pain and embarrassment, and using food blenders can be messy.
2Vehicles, Unicycles and KayaksVehicles, Unicycles and Kayaks ()
Driving tracked vehicles, best leave it to the professionals. Inflatable loungers, not worth the effort. Getting into or out of kayaks will really dampen your spirits, and jumping down stairs on a unicycle is a recipe for pain and humiliation.
3Snow, Velodromes and PowerlinesSnow, Velodromes and Powerlines ()
Snow fails, malfunctioning power lines are dangerous and cycling around velodromes can still hurt you.
4BMX, Playgrounds and ParkingBMX, Playgrounds and Parking ()
Parallel parking for amateurs, attempting a BMX 720 stunt can hurt, and messing with playground spinners can be quite painful.
5Horses, Tides and Model AircraftHorses, Tides and Model Aircraft ()
Poorly flown radio controlled planes can be painful, when riding a horse through water stay firmly attached, and never underestimate the power of ocean tides.
6Flambe, Bike and Dust DevilFlambe, Bike and Dust Devil ()
It is not always wise to confront a Dust Devil, Flambe dinners can be a little inflammable and riding a balance bike can be humiliating.
7Snowmobiles, Bicycles and FiresSnowmobiles, Bicycles and Fires ()
A snowmobile ridge jump will never succeed if you don't have a clear landing space, fire is not a toy and will always hurt, jumping on or over vehicles is a guaranteed way to humiliate yourself and cycle pump tracks can hurt.
8Inflatable Tube, ATV and AnimalsInflatable Tube, ATV and Animals ()
Snow ramps and inflatable tubes, guaranteed humiliation, animals and staircases are a giggle a minute and ATV's with water are a poor combination.
9Moguls, Logs and Starting GatesMoguls, Logs and Starting Gates ()
Motorbike and BMX starting gate fails are hilarious, unless you are the rider. Lithium batteries are just plain dangerous when they fail. Moguls are guaranteed pain and embarrassment when you get it wrong, and log rolling is great fun if you are not the one getting wet.
10Dance, Rapids and Medicine BallsDance, Rapids and Medicine Balls ()
Attempting a doughnut spin on an ATV, is both painful and humiliating if you do not understand the science. Dance high kicks by amateurs are always amusing. Riding river rapids doesn't always go to plan, and working out with medicine balls can still hurt.
11Bouldering, Wakeboards and Foam PitsBouldering, Wakeboards and Foam Pits ()
Bouldering on rock faces, like free climbing, should always be left to the professionals. Levers are always good for pain and humiliation. Diving into a foam pit is painless, provided you actually make it into the pit. Flips on wake boards, wonderful for hurt and embarrassment.
12Mud Bogging, Dancing and Undersized BikesMud Bogging, Dancing and Undersized Bikes ()
Mud bogging, drag racing special off road vehicles in mud is fun, until it all goes wrong. Riding undersized bikes will pretty much always result in pain and humiliation. Dancing in circles, confuses your ear vestibular system which controls your balance so a fall is bound to result.
13Water Skipping, Trampolines and HangingWater Skipping, Trampolines and Hanging ()
If you attempt Water Skipping, you had better fully understand the science, if you want to avoid a lesson in humiliation and a very embarrassing insurance report. Trampolines, always good for laughs. If you are not a chimpanzee the don't try hanging about.
14Tractor Pulling, Snow Biking and MonowheelsTractor Pulling, Snow Biking and Monowheels ()
Tractor pulling needs to have a full and complete understanding of the science if you want to avoid some very expensive repair bills. Riding a motorbike through snow is a terrible idea unless you have a really understanding insurer, and a really good hospital plan.
15Zip Wires, Scooters and Hay BalesZip Wires, Scooters and Hay Bales ()
If you intend to build a homemade zip wire, and you don't follow the science, it is going to be a painful experience. Riding modern electric scooters is not as easy as you would think and humiliation is a strong possibility, and hay bales are not always the best safety measures.
16Off Road Buggies, Cartwheels and Swing SeatsOff Road Buggies, Cartwheels and Swing Seats ()
Driving high powered off road buggies will result in costly repairs and major embarrassment if you do not understand the physics involved. Jumping on a swing seat, is not exactly what it was designed for, and cartwheeling into a back flip, equals pain and humiliation.
17Flying, Flipping and DrivingFlying, Flipping and Driving ()
Mountain biking, best left to experts. Flying a Paramotor seems like fun, but without knowing the physics, you are looking for pain and humiliation. Flipping down stairs is never a good idea but that never stopped anyone. Boats are always good for some mischief.
18Motocross, Tables and Fluid JetsMotocross, Tables and Fluid Jets ()
When racing in a motocross event, remember impact and agony are always available options. Fluid jets are ever so much fun, but watch out when it gets away from you, could be painful. Jumping on tables, why would you want to risk the inevitable pain and humiliation.
19Gravity, G Force and Impact EventsGravity, G Force and Impact Events ()
In a Space Special, principles like gravity, G-force, habitable zones and impact events are all investigated. When launching home made rockets, failure is always an option, but can still be spectacular. Spinning on a chair doesn't mean you have the right stuff.
20Light Speed, Docking and WeightlessnessLight Speed, Docking and Weightlessness ()
In a second Space Special, principles like orbits, light speed, weightlessness and intergalactic docking are all investigated. Parachute effects help landing. Remote control can at times be tricky and other times painful. Weightless on earth usually comes before a fall.