Science of Stupid (TV Series 2014– )

Season 6

1Yoga, Aerial Silks and Bo StaffYoga, Aerial Silks and Bo Staff ()
How do you injure yourself doing yoga on a paddle board, how fun are aerial silks, and are Bo staffs safe for everyone ?
2Bob Sled, Backflip and SwegwayBob Sled, Backflip and Swegway ()
What is the science behind bob sledding, why a standing back flip can hurt you and ways you can humiliate yourself on a Swegway.
3Whips, Jumping People and SwingsWhips, Jumping People and Swings ()
Why it is not always a good idea to jump people, how cracking whips can hurt, and the hazards of pushing a swing.
4Kayak, Bridge Swing and TrampolineKayak, Bridge Swing and Trampoline ()
Trampolines can hurt you, sliding a kayak into the water is an art, and swinging from a bridge can be painful.
5Wake Surfing, Water Slides and SparringWake Surfing, Water Slides and Sparring ()
Even water slides can hurt you, the secrets of quality wake surfing, and the hidden dangers when practicing your sparring kicks.
6Kayaks, Avalanches and StuntsKayaks, Avalanches and Stunts ()
You really can get injured when kayaking over a waterfall, avalanche humiliations, and feet behind your head stunts can hurt.
7Planes, Fish and Chair HandstandsPlanes, Fish and Chair Handstands ()
The painful hidden hazards of chair handstands, even fishing can hurt, and the secrets to landing a plane.
8Jet Skis, Bicycles, and Slack LiningJet Skis, Bicycles, and Slack Lining ()
The painful dangers of slack lining, how not to ride a bicycle and if you need to hurt, then drive a Jetski over land.
9BMX, Ice and Log WalkingBMX, Ice and Log Walking ()
The BMX front flip, fun when it works, pain when it doesn't, walking on a log is harder than you would think, and ice will always hide unexpected dangers.
10Fences, Dinghies and Hang GlidersFences, Dinghies and Hang Gliders ()
Hang gliders are not for amateurs, leaning on a fence can humiliate you, and injury is always an option when playing with dinghies.
11Ninja Grip, Rope Swing and ParasailingNinja Grip, Rope Swing and Parasailing ()
If you don't have a ninja grip then chances are you are going to experience pain, try not to get hurt when parasailing behind a boat, and what is the best way to swing onto a bank so that you don't totally humiliate yourself.
12Parkour, Boats and BicyclesParkour, Boats and Bicycles ()
Parkour Press can really hurt when you get it wrong, the bicycle ledge drop can be humiliating in so many ways, and moving about on a boat can have all sorts of unexpected results.
13Ice Bergs, Piers, and Teeter Totters.Ice Bergs, Piers, and Teeter Totters. ()
If you must wind surf next to a glacier, watch out for falling ice blocks, jumping off a pier is sometimes painful humiliation, biking over a teeter totter is just asking for trouble, and a trapeze can get you too.
14Demolitions, Dams and LaddersDemolitions, Dams and Ladders ()
How dams work, jet ski's can be humiliating, explosive demolitions do not always go to plan, sails are not always your friend. and if you lack knowledge on how to operate a ladder, you're going to get hurt.
15Cliffs, Party Poppers and WrestlingCliffs, Party Poppers and Wrestling ()
Cliff jumping is potentially dangerous and very often painful. A snow half pipe is packed as hard as concrete so a fall is still going to hurt a lot. Party poppers or confetti cannons can be humiliating and embarrassing. Professional wrestling is organised, amateur wrestling is just painful.
16Hurricanes, Half Pipe and SkiingHurricanes, Half Pipe and Skiing ()
Knowing the science behind biking or boarding on a half pipe, will keep you from being laughed at by your friends. Skiing a box rail can hurt in so many ways. Don't mess with hurricanes if you have a low pain threshold, and running backwards can be a surefire way to embarrass and humiliate yourself.
17Ramps, Pogo Sticks and DronesRamps, Pogo Sticks and Drones ()
Ramp jumps on a bike is great fun until you get it wrong, which is often. Pogo sticks need friction to stay under control otherwise pain and humiliation will follow. The best way to catch a drone, is to keep your fingers out of the propellers.
18Chainsaws, Pumps and Trains.Chainsaws, Pumps and Trains. ()
Push a combustion engine too far, and a spectacular fail will result. A train locomotive is a very powerful engine and can pull up to 10 000 tonnes. Chainsaws are not toys, get it wrong and you are going to get hurt. Pumps create pressure so watch out.
19Entropy, Bowling and SnowboardingEntropy, Bowling and Snowboarding ()
Rivers, treat them with respect or they will get you. Snowboard carving, not as easy as it looks. Stilt hand stands, guaranteed pain. Entropy, dis-ordering molecules will dis-order your day. Ignoring Bowling etiquette, is going to get you in trouble.
20Motorcycle, Parkour and StairsMotorcycle, Parkour and Stairs ()
Motorcycle flips, sure to result in pain and humiliation. Walking up stairs is sometimes harder than you would think, and it can still hurt. Driving on snow, always good for embarrassment, and how to avoid getting injured when attempting to Parkour Lache.