Science of Stupid (TV Series 2014– )

Season 5

1Big Wheel Trike, Motorbikes and BalancingBig Wheel Trike, Motorbikes and Balancing ()
Riding your big wheel trike is an unstable proposition, balancing stuff can hurt in unexpected ways, and ghost riders on your bicycle or motorbike.
2Canoeing, Nets and CrutchesCanoeing, Nets and Crutches ()
Trying tricks while on crutches is one way to humiliate yourself, or you can hurt yourself jumping over nets, or you can just fail whilst canoeing.
3Balls, Bungee Jumping and Tether BallBalls, Bungee Jumping and Tether Ball ()
You really need to keep your eye on the Tetherball, bungee jumping can always hurt and how to humiliate yourself whilst heading a ball.
4Rally Car, Small Spaces and HammocksRally Car, Small Spaces and Hammocks ()
Humiliation in small spaces, real action in rally car racing, and how much does it hurt getting into a hammock.
5Water Slides, Wheelies and Hard HatsWater Slides, Wheelies and Hard Hats ()
A hard hat is to be worn and not caught painfully on your head, inflatables on water slides are just humiliating, and trying 12'o'clock wheelies often hurt, mostly for the bike.
6Barefoot Skiing, Trays and Jumping RiversBarefoot Skiing, Trays and Jumping Rivers ()
In barefoot water skiing, speed is your friend and waves are not, jumping a river needs momentum, balance and some science so if you lack any it may hurt, and carrying trays, is a lot harder than you would think, but not any less humiliating.
7Dance, Snow and BottlesDance, Snow and Bottles ()
Jumping in the snow will be painful and embarrassing if you do not know the science. Dipping your dance partner in public is not wise, unless you can get it right every time, and bottle flipping is ever so much fun if you know how to get it right.
8Sand, Wedding Cake and High FivesSand, Wedding Cake and High Fives ()
It is easy to humiliate yourself running or cycling on sand, because it is not a stable surface. Wedding cakes are even less stable, so carrying or cutting them is a recipe for embarrassment and doing high fives just to look cool, can be both painful and humiliating.
9Unicycle, Segway and Arm WrestlingUnicycle, Segway and Arm Wrestling ()
Riding a unicycle on flat firm surfaces is hard enough, using one off road and down hill, is a sure recipe for pain and humiliation. The forward flip into water still hurts when it goes wrong. A Hoverboard is a never ending source of embarrassment and injury, and arm wrestling your grandpa and losing is just plain wrong.
10Blindfolds, Punchbags and WaterslidesBlindfolds, Punchbags and Waterslides ()
Just how many ways are there to injure and humiliate yourself with blindfolds ?. Punchbags are usually for serious training, and when used by amateurs results in pain and embarrassment, and riding an inflatable down a water slide, is not a recommended activity.
11Bench Press, Beer Keg and SnowBench Press, Beer Keg and Snow ()
Tapping a beer keg is quite often really hilarious, or humiliating, depending on which side you are on. Walking in snow is often quite painful, but also funny. You will always risk injury and embarrassment if you must bench press another person.
12Dive Bombs, Push Ups and Frisbee GolfDive Bombs, Push Ups and Frisbee Golf ()
Stacked push ups will reach a point where gravity causes pain and humiliation. Dive bombs are pretty scientific, get it wrong and it will hurt. Animals and objects are always good for humour. Frisbee golf is great fun, but ignore the science involved and a lot of agony and embarrassment will result.
13Park Bench, Tandem Pole Dancing and SurfingPark Bench, Tandem Pole Dancing and Surfing ()
Knowing the science is important, if you don't want to injure yourself jumping a park bench, engaging in tandem pole dancing or even indulging in a spot of surfing.
14Chairs, Cars and UnicyclesChairs, Cars and Unicycles ()
Spins on a unicycle is a guaranteed exercise in pain and humiliation, especially when your choice of place and time is a bit suspect. Pushing a car is not always a simple as it seems. Human bowling can be fun but it can also be pain, and standing on a chair is just not a good idea.
15Ricochets, Vehicles and Ski RacingRicochets, Vehicles and Ski Racing ()
Golf, the gentleman's sport, unless a ricochet teaches you all about pain and humiliation. Giant slalom, even the professionals get it wrong so any amateur is guaranteed to get hurt. Jumping into moving vehicles would seem to be a fun thing to do, until it all does sideways.
16Roof Snow, Skateboards and VehiclesRoof Snow, Skateboards and Vehicles ()
Clearing snow off roofs or roof snow falling, can be both coldly embarrassing and hilariously funny. Stalling a skateboard is just another trick that is going to hurt sooner or later. No matter what the science is, getting out of moving vehicles, is going to go wrong.
17GT Sledding, Golf Ball and High BarGT Sledding, Golf Ball and High Bar ()
A GT sled is a bike with skis for snow, and is about as useful as a bike with wheels on snow. Dismounting from a high bar in a gym with a foam mat is bad enough, why would you try it in a park with no protection. Driving a golf ball, lots of room for pain and humiliation.
18Moped Wheelies, Splashless Dives and KettlebellsMoped Wheelies, Splashless Dives and Kettlebells ()
Moped wheelie fails, can be just as stupid, painful and humiliating as their full size brothers. Splashless dives are possible if you know the science and agony if you don't. Kettlebells used incorrectly will dish out the same amount of hurt as any other weight.
19Backflips, Bikes and BurpeesBackflips, Bikes and Burpees ()
Tandem bicycles, whether you are the stoker or the captain, get it wrong and you will both experience pain and humiliation. Playground equipment are always good for laughs and injury. Doing back flips into a pool is never recommended and attempting to do Burpees can be just as dangerous.
20Trampoline, Trick Shots and Nose SlidesTrampoline, Trick Shots and Nose Slides ()
Crashed ice, downhill ice skating is best left to the professionals. Trampoline drop ins can always be relied on to provide humour and humiliation. If you ignore the science, skateboard nose slides, are really going to hurt, and shooting pool trick shots, can also go spectacularly wrong.