Science of Stupid (TV Series 2014– )

Season 4

1Pogo Backflip, Ski Cliff Drop In and Reverse ParkingPogo Backflip, Ski Cliff Drop In and Reverse Parking ()
Driving in reverse, how many ways can it go wrong. Pogo stick antics are often painful, and ski cliff drop in's are fun until they hurt.
2Swimming Pool HandstandsSwimming Pool Handstands ()
Slides are a never ending source of fun, humiliation and pain, depending on how you do it. Poolside handstands are a headache more often than you would think, although very entertaining to onlookers. Jumping all terrain vehicles is just never a good idea and pretty often results in destruction mayhem and pain.
3Tyres, Monster Trucks and ScootersTyres, Monster Trucks and Scooters ()
A child's scooter is just for a child, and in the hands of an adult, it is a source of pain and humiliation. Tyres are for vehicles and if you must use them for other things then expect to get hurt. Monster truck tricks are really cool if done right, but if done wrong, can be very costly indeed.
4Skateboarding and MotorbikingSkateboarding and Motorbiking ()
The gentle art of catching people, or not depends on a lot of science. You would think simply standing on a skateboard would be simple, yet so many get it wrong and doing motorbike burnouts can always end in pain and humiliation if you don't get it right.
5Volcano BoardingVolcano Boarding ()
Childrens toy cars are just that, and adults will only hurt and humiliate themselves playing with them. Swinging on a trapeze, can be fun or painful depending on how you do it. Volcano boarding, is dangerous and best left to the professionals.
6Boats, Bicycles and TableclothsBoats, Bicycles and Tablecloths ()
Jumping onto, off of, or around any boat will pretty much always end in pain and humiliation. ATV doughnuts hurt as well. You need to know the science of cornering on a bicycle if you want to win the race, and a tablecloth pull is smashing fun.
7Slides, Horses and TwerkingSlides, Horses and Twerking ()
Sometimes horse jumping is less horse jump and more people jump. Bumpy slides are great fun until too much speed causes takeoff. Singing while skating can put you on your face. Twerking is not just embarrassing, it can be painful and humiliating as well.
8Rocks, Wheelies and Face PlantingRocks, Wheelies and Face Planting ()
Jumping on planks can be humiliating and painful. Scrambling on rocks, is really dangerous and guaranteed to hurt. Smashing a face into a cake is often funny, unless it happens to be your face. Performing circle wheelies is not as easy as it looks.
9Ski Jumping, Limbo Dancing & Zip LiningSki Jumping, Limbo Dancing & Zip Lining ()
Remember flying down a speedy zip line, there is sometimes a sudden and painfully humiliating stop at the end. Meat tenderising with a stick, not recommended. Ski flip forecast, high risk of failure and guaranteed pain. If you are attempting the limbo, you had better be limber.
10Hedges, Longboards and Parking GatesHedges, Longboards and Parking Gates ()
Jumping into hedges, great fun, great pain, parking gates will beat some sense into you and stopping a Longboard, not so easy and it can hurt.
11Snowmobile, Skateboard and Long RobesSnowmobile, Skateboard and Long Robes ()
Jumping a skateboard can go wrong in so many ways, snowmobiles can get pretty painful too, and walking in long robes is just asking for trouble.
12Pogo Sticks, Drumming, and Snowdrifts.Pogo Sticks, Drumming, and Snowdrifts. ()
No matter what, a Pogo stick is pretty much guaranteed to result in pain. Drumming is sometimes best left to professionals, unless you really want to embarrass yourself, and jumping into snowdrifts is just another way injure and humiliate yourself.
13Boat, Roller Skating and Dirt Bike Jump.Boat, Roller Skating and Dirt Bike Jump. ()
Roller skating pain and humiliation, steering a boat is not for amateurs, and a failed dirt bike jump is a painful experience.
14Bridges, Snowboarding and Tug of WarBridges, Snowboarding and Tug of War ()
Snowboarding is always fun before the fall. Doing a flip from a bridge is just another way to embarrass, injure and humiliate yourself. Keep a firm hand on your motorised hole drill. Golf, always good for some blunders, and testing your strength in a tug of war can hurt.