Science of Stupid (TV Series 2014– )

Season 3

1Paragliding, Dirt Bikes and WedgiesParagliding, Dirt Bikes and Wedgies ()
How much fun are dirt bikes, how Paragliders can hurt when it all goes wrong, and just why do people need to humiliate, embarrass, and injure themselves with a wedgie.
2BASE Jumping, BMX and Sword SkillsBASE Jumping, BMX and Sword Skills ()
BASE jumping, not advised for the inexperienced, pulling a BMX nose wheelie is not as easy as it looks and can hurt twice as bad, and sword skills are simply just best left to the professionals.
3Biking, Street Luge and Uneven BarsBiking, Street Luge and Uneven Bars ()
Street Luge racing, great thrills until it all goes wrong, how to injure and humiliate yourself trying to ride a bike down stairs, and the uneven bars will get you in the end.
4Cliff Diving, Sledge Hammer and ScootersCliff Diving, Sledge Hammer and Scooters ()
If you don't know how to ride a scooter, it will hurt, a sledge hammer is destructive in so many ways, and in how many ways can you embarrass, injure and humiliate yourself when cliff diving.
5Motorcycle Wheelie, Hamster Wheel and Trampolines.Motorcycle Wheelie, Hamster Wheel and Trampolines. ()
Tandem motorbike wheelie, a highly skilled manoeuvre which looks good when you get it right and hurts a whole lot when you get it wrong. Too many people on a trampoline is a recipe for humiliation, and best leave running in a giant hamster wheel to the hamsters.
6Drones, Motorbiking and SkiingDrones, Motorbiking and Skiing ()
To avoid pain, skiing down metal rails is best done with skis, and not various parts of your body. There are many ways embarrass yourself flying a costly drone, and even more ways to hurt and humiliate yourself dirt biking over soft sand dunes.
7Drift Bikes, Beds and CatapultsDrift Bikes, Beds and Catapults ()
Drifting on a motorbike is great fun when it goes right and not so much fun when it goes wrong. How many ways are there to embarrass, injure and humiliate yourself when bouncing on beds, and firing your friends into the air with giant catapults is just wrong.
8Stops, Front flips and SlidingStops, Front flips and Sliding ()
Homemade toboggans, no matter what materials you use, or what surface you are sliding on, pain and humiliation is a guaranteed result. If you do not understand the science of the front flip, you must understand you are going to get hurt. Emergency stops, how many ways can you get it wrong ?
9Snowboards, Hoppers and FootballSnowboards, Hoppers and Football ()
The snowboard flip, always a perfect way to humiliate yourself in front of your friends. Bouncing on a space hopper needs to be precise or else pain and failure will be your only reward. You would think there was little that could go wrong while juggling a football, well think again. Trikes are inherently unstable making riding a risk.
10Kayaks, Buildings and Handbrake TurnsKayaks, Buildings and Handbrake Turns ()
Kayaking down rapids, great sport but easy to get wrong. Scaling tall buildings should never e attempted by amateurs unless you want to get hurt, and if you want to do a handbrake turn without humiliating yourself, you need to know the science..
11Basket Ball, Wakeboard and HoverboardBasket Ball, Wakeboard and Hoverboard ()
Jumping is painless, it is the sudden stop at the end that is the problem. Hoverboards never fail to amuse and humiliate. Basket balls are bouncy and will hurt if they meet your face. Friction is essential, lose it and pain and embarrassment will result. Wakeboards, always good for a laugh.
12Bikes, Fishing and SlalomBikes, Fishing and Slalom ()
Dirt bike jumps need a lot of understanding to avoid painful results. Ski slalom looks good if you're a professional, not so much if you are not. Pools, a favourite for pain and humiliation. Fishing can always be relied on for a few laughs.
13Springboard, Low Rider and MudSpringboard, Low Rider and Mud ()
Attempting a flip off a springboard without the science or a mat will hurt. Balls are pain in a spherical form. Fire, well just don't play with it. Mud running, a sticky or slippery humiliating experience, and bouncing in a low rider is going to break something.
14Skateboards, Food Fight and SpringboardsSkateboards, Food Fight and Springboards ()
A ramp jump on a skateboard, is pretty much a guaranteed way to experience pain and humiliation. Hopping, always good for a laugh. Diving from a swimming pool springboard is better than random objects and having a food fight is always great fun.
15Air Flare, Trial Bikes and Fish TailsAir Flare, Trial Bikes and Fish Tails ()
Caster boards are even better than regular skateboards to injure and humiliate yourself. Unchecked, fish tailing will cause a jack knife. Attempting a break dancing 'air flare' is probably best tried on something soft. Don't mess with waves, they will get you, and trial biking can be a painful experience.
16Ski Lift, Doors and Bubble WrapSki Lift, Doors and Bubble Wrap ()
Ski lifts, simple in theory, unbelievably hard to master. Paddle boarding is pretty hard but at least the landing is soft. The science of breaking down doors investigated. Don't mess with chemicals or you may experience more pain than you bargained for and wrestling in bubble wrap can be great fun..
17Shooting, Body Slam and LoadingShooting, Body Slam and Loading ()
Firing a bow and arrow is not as easy as it looks, but pain and humiliation are possible results. If you do not understand the science, then loading up trailers is best left to those trained to do it, and attempting a wrestling body slam always has the potential for an agonising failure.
18BMX, Inflatables and RacingBMX, Inflatables and Racing ()
The science and the fun behind the scare. Attempting a BMX flip, is a guaranteed road to pain and humiliation. Overtaking on a race track is best left to the professionals, and jumping on Inflatable rafts, chairs and rings are a never failing source of humour and embarrassment.
19Most Unsporting MomentsMost Unsporting Moments ()
Everyone has a dream of going for gold in the High Jump, but failure can often be spectacular and painful. Shooting from the spot in football looks easy, but the science can get you, and attempting a slap shot in ice hockey, needs not only a sound understanding of the physics but some good balance as well.
20Most Painful LessonsMost Painful Lessons ()
The Paintball craze took the world by storm, but no one at the time knew how many ways there were to hurt and humiliate yourself. If you are going to attempt to breathe fire, you had better understand the science, and when jumping a bin, failure is always an option.