Science of Stupid (TV Series 2014– )

Season 1

1Dancing DisastersDancing Disasters (13 Jun. 2014)
Amateur lumberjacks provide a tutorial on how to improperly cut down a tree. Seasoned street professionals demonstrate Hooke's Law using a pogo stick. A pole dancer learns a hard lesson in friction and gravity.
2Discus for DummiesDiscus for Dummies (13 Jun. 2014)
The "Cannon Ball Ice Dude" racked up 2 million views on YouTube last year with his attempt to jump into a frozen pool. Science of Stupid breaks down the science behind what went wrong with this and other ice-cold stunts
3Poolside FailsPoolside Fails (20 Jun. 2014)
It is impossible to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. Take the word of the hundreds of daredevils who have tried this popular Internet challenge -- and failed. Witness the engineering challenges of building a homemade zip line.
4Karate FlopsKarate Flops (20 Jun. 2014)
Several viral videos help explain the physics of bouncing on a trampoline. The effect of gravity and momentum are put to the test on a rope swing. Inexperienced break-dancers demonstrate what happens when your center of gravity is misplaced.
5Airbags vs AirheadsAirbags vs Airheads (27 Jun. 2014)
The science of a human cannonball is broken down. Parkour enthusiasts show off all the various things that can go wrong when attempting to run across rooftops for sport.
6Learning to FlyLearning to Fly (27 Jun. 2014)
Learn the hard science behind bike and monster truck tricks gone wrong and get a crash course in aeronautical science when paragliders collide with trees, a moving truck and even the Statue of Liberty.
7Rooftop DropsRooftop Drops (27 Jun. 2014)
Just what is the Internet craze "batman-ing"? Host Seth Herzog explains the downside of ignoring the principles of leverage when hanging upside down from your ankles from doorways, mantels and random public structures.
8Human Tower DisastersHuman Tower Disasters (27 Jun. 2014)
Science of Stupid studies the double pendulum effect of a golf swing. Done wrong, and the momentum can knock a golfer off his feet. The secret of walking on stilts is revealed and the kinetic energy of the slingshot is tested on unsuspecting people.
9Zip Lines FailsZip Lines Fails (11 Jul. 2014)
There's always room for pain when riding a zip line, swings can cause unexpected humiliation, and trying to swallow powdered cinnamon is just not wise..
10Bungee Cord SnapsBungee Cord Snaps (11 Jul. 2014)
What can possibly go wrong when bungee jumping blindfolded, flying a kite in high winds or hydroplaning a jet sprint boat at 75 miles per hour? After viewing some shocking viral videos, we examine the science behind what went wrong with the stunts.
11Pole Vaulting MishapsPole Vaulting Mishaps (11 Jul. 2014)
What can go wrong when a large number of people hurl their bodies down a steep hill while racing to catch a cheese wheel? Then, a few poor high school track stars show how successful or humiliating pole vaulting can be.
12Jet Pack FailureJet Pack Failure (11 Jul. 2014)
Seth Herzog explores the potential to embarrass, injure and humiliate yourself when rappelling, running up walls and flying with a jet pack.
13Don't Lose Your LunchDon't Lose Your Lunch (18 Jul. 2014)
What could possibly go wrong when attempting to jump over a moving car, trying a backflip off a brick wall or popping a motocycle "wheelie" on a crowded street? The science behind the failed attempts in stomach-curling viral videos is explained.
14Ring of FireRing of Fire (18 Jul. 2014)
Unfortunate thrill seekers collide with invincible laws of physics. A man proves that a potato cannon can cause real damage. Two women get a crash course in gravity and real-life "test-dummies" demonstrate the limits of bulletproof vests.