Banshee Origins (TV Series 2013–2016)

Season 4

1ComfortComfort (1 Apr. 2016)
3 Years Ago: Carrie walks into Sugar's bar, orders a drink, and the two discuss how things have been going.
2AeschylusAeschylus (1 Apr. 2016)
2 Years Ago: Bunker receives a cold reception in Sugar's bar and he explains to Sugar that he has denounced his former ways.
3PromisePromise (1 Apr. 2016)
2 Years Ago: Proctor pays a visit to Sugar at his bar early one morning and the two discuss their recent losses.
4CronusCronus (1 Apr. 2016)
2 Years Ago: While working on his computer at Sugar's bar, Job helps Sugar with his crossword puzzle.
5HopeHope (1 Apr. 2016)
20 Months Ago: Brock walks into Sugar's bar, rousts a drunken patron, and informs Sugar they are swearing him in as the new sheriff.
6EscapeEscape (1 Apr. 2016)
4 Months Ago: Rebecca walks into Sugar's bar and demands a drink which prompts a discussion about leaving Banshee.
7DrownDrown (1 Apr. 2016)
2 Weeks Ago: Burton walks into Sugar's bar and asks him if he knows the whereabouts of Proctor.
8EpilogueEpilogue (1 Apr. 2016)
Sugar sits alone in his bar, pours himself a drink, thinks about the past, and leaves it all behind.