Banshee Origins (TV Series 2013–2016)

Season 1

1Olek Drops a DimeOlek Drops a Dime (11 Jan. 2013)
15 Years Ago: Olek calls the Albino in prison and the two argue over the best way to get to Hood.
2A Thief, Not a KillerA Thief, Not a Killer (2013)
15 Years Ago: Hood meets with the psychiatrist, Dr. Paradis, and the two discuss the incident surrounding the Albino.
3Carrie at the GateCarrie at the Gate (2013)
14 Years Ago: A pregnant Carrie waits outside the prison gates and ponders whether or not to visit Hood.
4Looking for My ExitLooking for My Exit (2013)
11 Years Ago: While waiting to visit Hood again, Carrie takes a phone call from Gordon about their relationship.
5Sugar's ReleaseSugar's Release (2013)
10 Years Ago: Sugar is released from prison and finds that Proctor is there to meet him.
6The ForgeThe Forge (2013)
10 Years Ago: Proctor confronts Sugar outside the Forge about his recent job performance.
7Siobhan InterruptedSiobhan Interrupted (2013)
5 Years Ago: Emmett confronts Siobhan and tells her it is time that she left her husband.
8Kings and PawnsKings and Pawns (2013)
5 Years Ago: While playing a game of chess, Rabbit and Olek discuss the anniversary of Hood's imprisonment.
9Checking InChecking In (2013)
3 Years Ago: While still in prison, Hood calls Job in New York City to ask him if he's heard from Ana.
10Carrie and DevaCarrie and Deva (2013)
2 Years Ago: Deva and her mother, Carrie, talk about a necklace that Hood gave her.
11The WomenThe Women (2013)
3 Years Ago: Rebecca and Siobhan sit on a bench and talk about Siobhan's ex-husband.
12Passed OverPassed Over (2013)
2 Weeks Ago: Mayor Kendall visits Acting Sheriff Brock to discuss his future.
13The Real Lucas HoodThe Real Lucas Hood (2013)
Today: Sheriff Hood walks into Sugar's bar and orders a steak with fries.