Swamp Murders (TV Series 2013– )

Season 4

1A Dark Place to DieA Dark Place to Die (16 Aug. 2016)
36-year-old Kimra Riley heads to a Sheffield, Alabama bar looking for fun and soon finds something far more sinister. Two months later, her body is found tangled up on the banks of the Tennessee River. Can police bring justice to this single mom's family?
2River MonsterRiver Monster (30 Aug. 2016)
When the torso of single mother Mary Stetson washes up along Manchester, NH's Piscataquog River, police retrace her final steps. But every place along Mary's path presents new mysteries, and people who aren't as innocent as they first appear.
3Misty RiverMisty River (23 Aug. 2016)
In the marshy waters of Florida's Indian River, a local judge makes a grisly discovery: the body of a young woman, bound and floating in the water. Now police are searching for the person who brought 22-year-old Misty Morse to her watery grave.
4Down the CanalDown the Canal (16 Aug. 2016)
In Fresno, CA the body of Jody Lynn Wolfe washes up along the banks of Dry Creek Canal. Detectives can't imagine who could do this to the young teen. But the more they learn about Jody's life, the more they begin to realize this murder hits close to home.
5Shoeprints in the MudShoeprints in the Mud (13 Sep. 2016)
An innocent trip to the store ends in tragedy when the body of Linda Strait is found along the Spokane River. But with no eyewitnesses, detectives have their work cut out for them. They'll spend the rest of their careers searching for the ruthless killer.
6Dark WaterDark Water (27 Sep. 2016)
After 53-year-old Barbara Hefner disappears from her remote Georgia residence, her body is found floating in nearby Folly Lake. On the hunt for her killer, officers uncover a recent inheritance and secret affair before ultimately bringing justice home.
7In Too DeepIn Too Deep (4 Oct. 2016)
A submerged car pulled from a Florida canal brings a startling discovery: the body of 39-year-old Beverly Jackson. Police explore the single mom's work route and relationships, but it will take the help of a hotline tipster to track down her killer.
8Rocky WatersRocky Waters (11 Oct. 2016)
After a baby is found abandoned along Ohio's Scioto River, police discover the child's mother has been tragically murdered. Out to bring justice to 21-year-old Stephanie Evan's family, officers uncover secrets about someone in the young mom's past.
9What Lies BeneathWhat Lies Beneath (18 Oct. 2016)
When the body of former beauty queen Jackie Johns is found floating in Missouri's Lake Springfield, her small town is left up in arms. But as officers dig deeper into Jackie's list of admirers, they soon discover the fine line between love and hate.
10Oasis of DeathOasis of Death (18 Oct. 2016)
A teenage girl is found bleeding to death along California's Deep Creek Spillway, leaving police with all kinds of questions. But when 19-year-old Raquel Rayas dies before they can get answers, detectives turn to a mysterious phone number for help.