Swamp Murders (TV Series 2013– )

Season 1

1Gospel GirlGospel Girl (18 Jun. 2013)
Alabama teen Edith McLeroy rebels against her conservative upbringing marrying the leader of a biker crew, cruising the highways as queen of the pack. But when her body is found in Louisiana, a mystery is sparked that will end up lasting 32 years.
2Multiple PersonalitiesMultiple Personalities (4 Jun. 2013)
When 19-year-old Kathy Bonney, model daughter, fails to return home, concerned father Tom Bonney turns to police. That same day, her body is pulled from Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp. Turns out, Kathy wasn't as angelic as her family was led to believe.
3Chain ReactionChain Reaction (11 Jun. 2013)
When two women are discovered in the depths of Georgia's Flint River, detectives wonder if a serial killer is afoot. But when they connect the two victims, investigators follow their lead to the discovery of two more corpses, and a whole slew of betrayal.
4A Run for the MoneyA Run for the Money (25 Jun. 2013)
In Noel, Missouri, a bank is robbed of $71,000 and the President, Dan Short is nowhere to be found. Could Short have robbed his own bank? Five days later, a body is found in the swampy shallows of the Great Lake o'the Cherokees. The corpse is duct-taped t
5Drive Me CrazyDrive Me Crazy (2 Jul. 2013)
Bobby and Patricia Sexton have three daughters and live on her grand parent's property in Jacksonville, Texas. But when Bobby doesn't come home one evening, his worried wife Patricia files a missing person's report. Over a month later, police discover Bob
6We Miss You DarlingWe Miss You Darling (9 Jul. 2013)
When a dependable 16-year-old girl misses her curfew, her family knows something is wrong. This episode recounts the murder of Carol Hutto through the eyes of Detective Tom Knapp.