Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell (TV Series 2013– )

Season 4

1The FlipThe Flip (4 May 2019)
Gary learns how to flip his twists to screw turkeys.
2The Poor Horsemen of the ApocalypseThe Poor Horsemen of the Apocalypse (4 May 2019)
When union negotiations stall, Satan makes some changes to the Horsemen.
3OMGouijaOMGouija (11 May 2019)
Satan taps into the youth market with a hot, new board game.
4The High HeelThe High Heel (11 May 2019)
A new leader comes to hell.
5The Party HoleThe Party Hole (18 May 2019)
Gary and his brain trust bring radical changes to soul collecting.
6Trial by GaryTrial by Gary (18 May 2018)
An outdated rule, a basket of law rocks and Gary stand between a devout barbecue purveyor and eternal damnation.
7Stan the ManStan the Man (1 Jun. 2019)
Satan finds his new calling, dropping truth bombs on real Americans.
8Gary Bunda: Demon KillerGary Bunda: Demon Killer (1 Jun. 2019)
When Gary gets kidnapped by a ghost-hunting show, he must choose between fame and friendship. (He chooses fame.)
9Milk and HoneyMilk and Honey (8 Jun. 2019)
When Hell runs out of ball clamps, Satan sends his best men to get more. Unfortunately, Gary is one of his best men.
10Five-Card DudsFive-Card Duds (8 Jun. 2019)
When Gary and Troy go to Vegas to steal some souls, they learn you actually can have too much of a good thing.
11Conceal and GaryConceal and Gary (15 Jun. 2019)
After Gary gets shot by one of the unborn, Satan institutes an unsensible gun policy to ensure something like that will happen again.
12Fried AliveFried Alive (15 Jun. 2019)
Gary and Satan decide to reboot their favorite fast-food horror movie franchise, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew.