Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell (TV Series 2013– )

Season 2

1Psyklone and the Thin TwinsPsyklone and the Thin Twins (13 Jul. 2015)
When Gary goes AWOL, Satan sends for his top bounty hunters.
2Shoulder WorkShoulder Work (20 Jul. 2015)
Gary learns the subtleties of working someone's conscience with help from an unexpected friend.
3Jett Copperhead, Six-Pack MagicianJett Copperhead, Six-Pack Magician (27 Jul. 2015)
Television's favorite redneck warlock puts on one last show.
4True Love Will Find YouTrue Love Will Find You (3 Aug. 2015)
The demons scramble to find true love and bust themselves outta Hell.
5New-cronomiconNew-cronomicon (10 Aug. 2015)
The Demons go to Earth to spread the new devil book, which has been rewritten as a teen romance.
6WitchesWitches (17 Aug. 2015)
The annual Wiccan devil orgy has returned.
7CerberusCerberus (31 Aug. 2015)
Cerberus is tired of guarding the gate to Hell, so he drags Gary out to Earth.
8Nü-byleNü-byle (14 Sep. 2015)
In an effort to relive his glory days, Satan plots to get his favorite heavy metal band back together.
9National Lampoon's FireballzNational Lampoon's Fireballz (21 Sep. 2015)
The demons find a hole to the female side of Hell.
10SpunkSpunk (28 Sep. 2015)
Eddie adds the spider's baby gravy to his toilet wine and every one hallucinates.
11Krampus NachtKrampus Nacht (5 Oct. 2015)
Gary and Claude bring Krampus out of retirement to help ruin Christmas.
12HeavenHeaven (12 Oct. 2015)
Gary finds out he was sent to Hell because of of a clerical error. Next stop, Heaven.