Burning Love (TV Series 2012–2013)

Season 2

1Limo IntroductionsLimo Introductions (14 Feb. 2013)
Julie Gristlewhite, one of the bachelorettes competing for Mark Orlando's heart in Season 1, meets her own eligible suitors.
2The First Cocktail PartyThe First Cocktail Party (14 Feb. 2013)
Julie gets to know her guys, including four new "bonus gentlemen." The evening ends with the first Box Ceremony, and several bachelors are sent home.
3Puppet ShowPuppet Show (15 Feb. 2013)
Julie and her gentleman spend quality craft time together making sock puppets. Things go awry, though, when Julie gets wind that one of the guys thinks that the date is "dumb."
4An All American DateAn All American Date (2013)
Julie takes Zak on a one-on-one date to show him what the USA is all about, but a one-sided language barrier proves problematic.
5Back to SchoolBack to School (2013)
Julie takes her guys to the classroom, where she again finds herself competing for male attention against Annie.
6A Shocking ExitA Shocking Exit (2013)
A problem with the postal service forces one of Julie's suitors to leave the mansion, sending her into a tailspin.
7Happy CampersHappy Campers (2013)
Julie surprises her guys with a camping trip, where one bachelor reveals a secret from his past.
8Breakup SpecialBreakup Special (2013)
Mark Orlando and Tamara G. return to "Burning Love," and are interviewed by Bill regarding their surprise break-up.
9Photo ShootPhoto Shoot (2013)
Love strikes on a date at a sexy photo shoot.
10Freestyle Rap ContestFreestyle Rap Contest (2013)
The guys rap for Julie's heart, but the winner is overshadowed by a surprise visitor.
11Meet the FamiliesMeet the Families (2013)
Julie meets the families of her three remaining guys - almost.
12Visit from an Old FlameVisit from an Old Flame (21 Mar. 2013)
Torn between her two remaining guys, Julie seeks advice from her ex, Carly, who has an agenda of her own.
13ProposalsProposals (22 Mar. 2013)
Julie spends a night in the boom-boom room with each of her two remaining guys. Later, she receives marriage proposals from a surprising number of gentlemen, eventually accepting one.
14Out the BoxOut the Box (22 Mar. 2013)
Now that Julie has become engaged, Bill hosts a discussion with the guys who she let go throughout the season. The gang is later joined by Julie and her fiancé, who promise that they'll get married within the next two-and-a-half years.