Bad Boy (TV Series 2010– )

Season 1

1Episode #1.1Episode #1.1 (26 May 2010)
The series opens up with the death of a woman, who seems to be connected to Shim Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil). Who is he, and how is he connected to her death?
2Episode #1.2Episode #1.2 (27 May 2010)
Da Rim tries to cause an accident but her actions fail to hurt Gun Wook. Jae In chooses to make her first meeting with Hong Tae Sung look like an accidental encounter.
3Episode #1.3Episode #1.3 (3 Jun. 2010)
A man offers important information as authorities continue to question Sun Young's death. Tae Ra confronts Gun Wook about his relationship with Mon Nae but he refuses to change the situation.
4Episode #1.4Episode #1.4 (9 Jun. 2010)
During a special dinner, Jae In learns that Gun Wook has been lying to her. Jae In talks to the real Tae Sung before Gun Wook attempts to murder him.
5Episode #1.5Episode #1.5 (10 Jun. 2010)
Tae Sung furiously struggles to fight off his attacker but he passes out before identifying Gun Wook. Jae In and Tae Sung talk before he surprises her with a passionate kiss.
6Episode #1.6Episode #1.6 (30 Jun. 2010)
Gun Wook ignores a request to help Tae Sung and Jae In. A determined Jae In confronts Gun Wook but he tries to turn the conversation towards her interest in Tae Sung.
7Episode #1.7Episode #1.7 (1 Jul. 2010)
Jae In is scolded for her failure while Tae Sung talks to the authorities about Sun Young's death. Gun Wook kisses Jae In after her difficult conversation with Madam Shin.
8Episode #1.8Episode #1.8 (7 Jul. 2010)
Gun Wook secretly follows Jae In as she drinks to deal with her problems. Tae Ra and Gun Wook share a moment together as they wait in the pouring rain.
9Episode #1.9Episode #1.9 (8 Jul. 2010)
Gun Wook works with other people to discover the men behind recent thefts of important building materials. A concerned Jae In goes to visit Tae Sung after receiving news from Gun Wook.
10Episode #1.10Episode #1.10 (14 Jul. 2010)
Tae Sung makes Jae In leave as she tries to create a connection with him. Gun Wook takes care of Tae Ra after she passes out while talking to him.
11Episode #1.11Episode #1.11 (15 Jul. 2010)
The authorities ask Gun Wook more questions as their investigation continues but Jae In is surprised by his replies. Gun Wook struggles with the truth about Sun Young's death as Jae In tries to offer comfort.
12Episode #1.12Episode #1.12 (21 Jul. 2010)
Gun Wook decides to destroy everything that reminds him of Sun Young. A sad Tae Ra shares a kiss with Gun Wook as their secret moment is revealed to others.
13Episode #1.13Episode #1.13 (22 Jul. 2010)
Mo Nae and In Jae deal with their feelings after witnessing an important moment. Madam Shin works to gather information about Tae Sung but the details lead to Gun Wook.
14Episode #1.14Episode #1.14 (28 Jul. 2010)
Secretary Kim talks to Gun Wook and a shocking revelation leads to Madam Shin. President Hong learns the truth about Madam Shin's lie as well as its consequences for the entire family.
15Episode #1.15Episode #1.15 (29 Jul. 2010)
A stressed President Hong passes out during the intense conversation with Gun Wook. Doctors work to revive a lifeless Gun Wook after he is seriously injured in a car accident.
16Episode #1.16Episode #1.16 (4 Aug. 2010)
The authorities question Jae In concerning Gun Wook's recent accident and any connections it might have to Madam Shin. A surprise visitor shocks Madam Shin as she receives news about Gun Wook.
17Episode #1.17Episode #1.17 (5 Aug. 2010)
Gun Wook confronts Madam Shin with evidence of her attempt to kill him. Madam Shin is convicted for her crimes and Jae In is unaware that a body has been found.