Femme Fatales (TV Series 2011–2012)

Season 1

1Behind Locked Doors: Part 1Behind Locked Doors: Part 1 (13 May 2011)
A lovely movie starlet, Lacey uses her feminine charm and acting talent to survive in prison. She plays a dangerous game of seduction that ensnares fellow inmates and prison guards, but when she goes too far, she risks being caught in her own treacherous web.
2Behind Locked Doors: Part 2Behind Locked Doors: Part 2 (13 May 2011)
Lacey Rivers (Kit Wileese) and prison guard, Rafe (Will Poston), grow closer as Lacey attempts to plot her release from incarceration at Cuesta Verde Women's Correctional Facility.
3Bad MedicineBad Medicine (20 May 2011)
Nurse Violet must cope with more than just a bad boyfriend on the overnight shift when an injured psychopath takes over the hospital.
4Something Like MurderSomething Like Murder (27 May 2011)
Plans go dangerously awry for Darla, a housewife when she conspires with her masseuse lesbian lover to murder her rich husband and take his money. Their tricky abduction/murder/ransom scheme seems airtight..until deception and violence take a hand in the lurid proceedings.
5Speed DateSpeed Date (3 Jun. 2011)
After Hours meets La Femme Nikita when a geeky video game designer, Kevin Freeman, creates an alter ego for his online dating profile and winds up on the run with a female assassin from the mysterious Raven.
6The White FlowerThe White Flower (10 Jun. 2011)
O'Brien and Jimmy, two bank robbers hole up in a dilapidated hotel waiting to divide their loot with a mob boss, Ryan when they fall prey to an unscrupulous femme-fatale. Now one of the crooks must confront his worst fears.
7Girls Gone DeadGirls Gone Dead (17 Jun. 2011)
In need of fast cash, a group of sorority girls agree to have themselves filmed for a raunchy home video series by infamous entrepreneur Jay Roma, but it turns out their true motives are far more sinister.
8HauntedHaunted (24 Jun. 2011)
The paranormal investigators of Fright Finders, a second-rate cable television series, are recruited by a famous psychic to investigate mysterious murders in an allegedly haunted house where they come face-to-face with the ultimate femme fatale.
9Angel & DemonsAngel & Demons (1 Jul. 2011)
Two police detectives desperately search for a serial killer known as the Grim Reaper who stalks another victim on the mean streets of Cuesta Verde - but the killer's identity is not what it seems.
10Help Me, RhondaHelp Me, Rhonda (8 Jul. 2011)
The serenity of an isolated mountain cottage is shattered when gangsters show up at the home of Camille Gardner looking for her missing husband, Eddie.
11The ClinicThe Clinic (15 Jul. 2011)
Given only three months to live, an unsuspecting man is persuaded by his doctor and girlfriend to seek experimental treatment at a clinic in Mexico.
12Till Death Do Us PartTill Death Do Us Part (22 Jul. 2011)
Six hours before her wedding, a woman wakes up next to a dead male stripper at her bachelorette party with no memory of how he got there.
13Visions: Part 1Visions: Part 1 (29 Jul. 2011)
A phony mentalist murders his beautiful assistant and then begins to have real visions and embarks on a plan to exploit his newfound gift for material gain with the help of his beautiful new apprentice.
14Visions: Part 2Visions: Part 2 (5 Aug. 2011)
Mentalist Foster Prentiss attempts to blackmail two women with the dark secrets he's learned about them only to have the tables turned when they unearth his dark secret.