A.N.T. Farm (TV Series 2011–2014)

Season 1

1TransplANTedTransplANTed (6 May 2011)
11-year-old Chyna Parks becomes a part of the A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) program at a San Francisco high school.
2ParticipANTsParticipANTs (17 Jun. 2011)
Chyna and Olive make an effort to be more involved with their school's extracurricular activities and try out for the cheer-leading squad. Only Chyna gets accepted into the squad, but she gets more than she bargained for, when Lexi puts her cheer-leading skills to the test. Meanwhile, Cameron creates his own club called the "End Hunger Today Club" as an excuse to eat buffalo wings all for himself, but when Fletcher catches him in the act and threatens to tell the teachers about his fake club, Cameron is forced to let Fletcher join.
3The PhANTom LockerThe PhANTom Locker (24 Jun. 2011)
Annoyed with China's friend Olive (who shares a locker next to him), Cameron convinces Olive that a ghost inhabits her locker, which causes her to become locker mates with China; when this proves to be too much for China to bear, she tries to convince Olive that there is no ghost in her own locker. Meanwhile, Fletcher is asked by Principal Skidmore to paint a portrait of her, and gets more than he bargained for.
4SciANTs FairSciANTs Fair (1 Jul. 2011)
Chyna neglects her studies when she becomes obsessed with a TV show.
5StudANT CouncilStudANT Council (8 Jul. 2011)
Chyna neglects her studies when she becomes obsessed with a TV show.
6Bad RomANTsBad RomANTs (15 Jul. 2011)
Fletcher repeatedly tries to sweet-talk Chyna, but she doesn't notice.
7The InformANTThe InformANT (29 Jul. 2011)
Darryl accuses Chyna of shoplifting and sends a police officer undercover. When Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive find out that "Charlie Brown" is a cop and that he is spying on them, they pretend that they are robbing a house.
8ReplicANTReplicANT (12 Aug. 2011)
Chyna is crushing on a cute new A.N.T. student named Nigel, who attends classes remotely.
9ClairvoyANTClairvoyANT (19 Aug. 2011)
Principal Skidmore gives every student except Cameron an award.
10ManagemANTManagemANT (26 Aug. 2011)
When Chyna gets a call from a music producer, Cameron assumes the role as her manager.
11PhilANThropyPhilANThropy (16 Sep. 2011)
The ANTs complain about the extreme temperature changes in the school.
12FraudulANTFraudulANT (23 Sep. 2011)
At Roxanne's birthday, Fletcher recognizes the facepainter as the famous artist, Zanko.
13The ReplacemANTThe ReplacemANT (30 Sep. 2011)
When Chyna forgets her homework, the history teacher has a breakdown.
14MutANT FarmMutANT Farm (7 Oct. 2011)
It's Chyna Parks' first day in the "MutA.N.T. Program", where monsters go to school with normal high school students. China Anne McClain performs "Calling All The Monsters".
15CANTonese Style CuisineCANTonese Style Cuisine (28 Oct. 2011)
Chyna loses a singer's phone number on a trip to a fortune cookie factory!
16IgnorANTs Is BlissIgnorANTs Is Bliss (4 Nov. 2011)
Olive loses her memory after hearing a loud noise and is kicked out of the A.N.T. Program by Principal Skidmore.
17Slumber Party ANTicsSlumber Party ANTics (18 Nov. 2011)
Lexi has a sleepover party and doesn't invite the ANT's, so Chyna invites Olive to sleep over.
18America Needs TalANTAmerica Needs TalANT (25 Nov. 2011)
A reality show "America Needs Talent" arrives at Webster High, and everyone auditions to be on it; however Chyna and Lexi both get picked as finalists for the reality show. Chyna arrives just in time before the show. Meanwhile, Olive and Paisley enter a game show competition, and Cameron, Fletcher and Darryl wait in line at a popular bacon truck. Only to have Angus buy everything off the truck.
19SANTa's Little HelpersSANTa's Little Helpers (9 Dec. 2011)
Principal Skidmore asks Chyna, Olive and Fletcher to build toys for kids at an orphanage. But then, they find out its a scam and instead Principal Skidmore sells it for profit. They then booby-trap the toys but then Principal Skidmore gives toys to the orphanage, so they must get the toys back. Meanwhile, Darryl follows Roxanne around to see what she is getting him for Christmas. Lexi and Paisley work as gift wrappers at the mall.
20You're the One That I WANTYou're the One That I WANT (20 Jan. 2012)
The gang performs in the musical "Greece".
21PerformANTsPerformANTs (27 Jan. 2012)
Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus want to go to an upcoming concert with older kids, but they know Chyna's mom will never let them go. In order to convince her, they pretend they're going to see a kid's band, which backfires when she decides to tag along. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to get backstage at the concert.
22Some EnchANTed EveningSome EnchANTed Evening (24 Feb. 2012)
Fletcher asks Chyna out on a date but she lies and says she already has a boyfriend. This forces Fletcher to pretend to have a girlfriend to try to make Chyna jealous. Also, the cheerleading squad needs a new coach and Gibson volunteers to lead them.
23PatANT PendingPatANT Pending (2 Mar. 2012)
Olive and Fletcher exclude Chyna from their product idea. Meanwhile, Paisley gets attention from her injuries and Lexi get jealous.
24Ballet DANTserBallet DANTser (30 Mar. 2012)
Violet joins the ANT program and Chyna's ballet class.
25Body of EvidANTsBody of EvidANTs (13 Apr. 2012)
Olive's pet robot isn't working anymore and everyone becomes a suspect.