Shake It Up (TV Series 2010–2013)

Season 3

1Fire It UpFire It Up (14 Oct. 2012)
Rocky and CeCe discover the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio has burned down.
2Funk It UpFunk It Up (28 Oct. 2012)
Rocky seems to be adjusting well without Shake It Up, Chicago!
3Spirit It UpSpirit It Up (4 Nov. 2012)
Rocky and CeCe sign up to join the Spirit Squad.
4Lock It UpLock It Up (11 Nov. 2012)
Rocky's dad gets the girls a gig dancing at the hospital!
5Merry Merry It UpMerry Merry It Up (2 Dec. 2012)
Georgia announces that she has decided to break up with Jeremy.
6Home Alone It UpHome Alone It Up (9 Dec. 2012)
CeCe convinces her mom that she is old enough to stay home.
7Oh Brother It UpOh Brother It Up (13 Jan. 2013)
Rocky and CeCe get jobs at Bob's Kabob's working for a strict manager.
8Quit It UpQuit It Up (27 Jan. 2013)
CeCe gets a job dancing at the mall.
9Ty It UpTy It Up (17 Feb. 2013)
CeCe and Rocky must re-audition for Shake It Up, Chicago!
10My Fair Librarian It UpMy Fair Librarian It Up (24 Feb. 2013)
Rocky and CeCe volunteer to help Miss Burke.
11Clean It UpClean It Up (10 Mar. 2013)
CeCe accidentally stains Georgia's wedding dress with self-tanning lotion.
12I Do It UpI Do It Up (17 Mar. 2013)
Logan tries to discuss his relationship with Rocky.
13Forward and Back It UpForward and Back It Up (24 Mar. 2013)
Rocky saves Phil's life.
14Switch It UpSwitch It Up (7 Apr. 2013)
Tinka inadvertantly causes CeCe and Flynn to switch bodies through an old curse of her Grandma's.
15Love and War It UpLove and War It Up (28 Apr. 2013)
Rocky tries to convince CeCe and Logan to get along.
16In the Bag It UpIn the Bag It Up (12 May 2013)
Rocky, CeCe and Tinka split the cost of renting a designer purse.
17Brain It UpBrain It Up (2 Jun. 2013)
Rocky is removed from her honors classes.
18Opposites Attract It UpOpposites Attract It Up (23 Jun. 2013)
After their date, CeCe realizes she might actually like James.
19Psych It UpPsych It Up (14 Jul. 2013)
Cece goes to see a psychic and believes everything she's told.
20Future It UpFuture It Up (28 Jul. 2013)
22 years in the future, Rocky and CeCe have fallen out of touch.
21Oui Oui It UpOui Oui It Up (4 Aug. 2013)
CeCe arranges for a "house swap" with a French family.
22My Bitter Sweet 16 It UpMy Bitter Sweet 16 It Up (25 Aug. 2013)
Rocky and CeCe decide to throw a joint sweet 16 extravaganza.
23Stress It UpStress It Up (15 Sep. 2013)
CeCe writes a song that she will sing and dance to on Shake It Up, Chicago!
24Loyal It UpLoyal It Up (29 Sep. 2013)
Gary Wilde is hosting a new dance show.
25Haunt It UpHaunt It Up (6 Oct. 2013)
Flynn challenges Ty and Deuce to stay the night in a haunted house.
26Remember MeRemember Me (10 Nov. 2013)
A fashion mishap leaves CeCe with amnesia. Rocky tries everything she can to get her best friend to remember her and the special memories they share.