Wheeler Dealers (TV Series 2003– )

Season 12

1Best of Wheeler Dealers Season 11Best of Wheeler Dealers Season 11 (11 Mar. 2015)
Mike and Ant lift the curtain to reveal the hilarious outtakes, behind the scenes moments and private insights from the latest series. It's Wheeler Dealers, like you've never seen it before.
21965 Pontiac GTO1965 Pontiac GTO (23 Mar. 2015)
The team knows a rust-free GTO would be a great car to kick off the new U.S. workshop. But these cars are rare, and Mike travels all the way to Chicago to find one. Edd discovers it hides some gremlins, which will make it hard to sell. Will they manage?
31951 Ford F-11951 Ford F-1 (30 Mar. 2015)
A pickup truck is a stateside icon and Mike is keen to get into the booming classic truck market. He manages to find a 1950's F1, which is an unfinished project. Edd creates a paint scheme based on a 'sandstorm in the desert.'
41959 MGA1959 MGA (6 Apr. 2015)
Mike tracks down a California car for restoration he thinks it will be easy for Edd - just a few cosmetic jobs. But this isn't the way Edd sees things and the result will surprise some hardcore MG fans. To make matters worse, he refuses to stick to Mike's low budget. Sparks will fly.
51974 BMW 2002 tii1974 BMW 2002 tii (13 Apr. 2015)
To stay in budget for a BMW, Mike has to take a real punt on a car that hasn't been started for 17 years. With its complicated mechanical fuel injection system and an engine that hasn't run for 17 years, will Edd be able to bring it back to life?
61975 AMC Pacer1975 AMC Pacer (20 Apr. 2015)
Perhaps the Americas' biggest automotive joke, the AMC Pacer has long topped lists of the world's worst cars. But Mike feels this neglected 1970's hatchback is ready for classic status and he enlists Edd to help make this car cool again.
71972 Datsun 240Z1972 Datsun 240Z (27 Apr. 2015)
The only rust-free Datsun 240Z Mike can find in his budget is an automatic with a wheezing engine. Mike buys it anyway, hoping to turn it into a money-spinner by getting Edd to spice up the engine and swap the sluggish auto for a manual transmission.
81973 Volkswagen 181 Thing1973 Volkswagen 181 Thing (4 May 2015)
Mike manages to pry a VW 181 Thing away from the hands of a collector - but forced to dig deep for the purchase - there isn't much left for Edd to deal with an engine that stalls, lethal brakes and an uninviting interior with no heater and bad seats.
91952 DeSoto Firedome 81952 DeSoto Firedome 8 (11 May 2015)
This fabulous 50s coupe has more than great styling on its side because under the bonnet is one of the first ever Hemi. Our car has had a BAD custom job, so Mike and Edd set about addressing the damage to give this stunning cruiser back some class.
101973 Rover P5B1973 Rover P5B (17 Aug. 2015)
The Rover P5B is on the rise. Mike knows finding a rust free car is the key to profit, and he hopes he's onto a winner with a blue and silver model. But dodgy steering and expensive exhaust upgrades threaten to derail the restoration.
111989 Fiat Panda 4x41989 Fiat Panda 4x4 (24 Aug. 2015)
The Panda 4x4 may be an unlikely motoring hero, but this modern classic is fast becoming an Italian icon. The interior comes out, the exterior gets transformed, and the engine gets some serious off-road kit.
121982 Alfa Romeo Alfasud1982 Alfa Romeo Alfasud (31 Aug. 2015)
The Alfasud's were a smash hit, but they suffered from serious corrosion issues and most have rusted away. With so few left, prices are rising, forcing Mike to take a risk in buying a late Alfasud. Can Edd work his magic and save the Alfa from the scraps?
132011 Caterham 72011 Caterham 7 (7 Sep. 2015)
Mike buys an ex-drift Caterham SV model; it's had a hard life but Mike gets a keen deal and tasks Edd with adding looks, power and luxury to build the selling price. Edd meets the challenge and decides to paint the car a shocking color.
141978 Ford Escort Mk21978 Ford Escort Mk2 (14 Sep. 2015)
Edd thinks that Mike's new project of a Ford Escort Mk2 has got potential, but says it needs thousands more spending on it before it'll be safe enough for a rally stage. Mike is excited, but Edd is worried about the risk of zero profit. Neither of them are legally able to drive a rally circuit either - immediate action is needed.
151957 Messerschmitt KR2001957 Messerschmitt KR200 (21 Sep. 2015)
The KR200 was a microcar on a mission, designed to get drivers back on the road in post war Europe. This charming three wheeler is about to celebrate its sixtieth birthday so Mike and Edd spy a chance to make serious money.
161958 Citroen HY Van1958 Citroen HY Van (28 Sep. 2015)
Mike goes to the South of France in search of a retro-cool Citroen HY Van. The vehicle he comes back with doesn't impress Edd, but Mike has a plan and he's confident that with a replacement engine and an overhauled body, it'll be easy to find a buyer.
171992 VW Corrado1992 VW Corrado (28 Sep. 2015)
Mike is ecstatic when he finds a cult VW Corrado coupe with only one previous owner for a bargain price. But cheap cars can bring expensive surprises and his smile soon vanishes when Edd uncovers a worrying leak which could signal a broken engine.
18Honda S2000Honda S2000 (12 Oct. 2015)
Mike and Edd take on their first ever Honda, but finding a cheap S2000 is tough. Mike takes a big gamble on a car that's already had over £4000 spent on it and still has major engine problems.
192002 Noble M12 GTO2002 Noble M12 GTO (19 Oct. 2015)
The British built, right hand drive, Noble M12 GTO may be a fish out of water in the Italian mountains, but Mike hopes that it'll make much more sense back in the UK. He has a plan for Edd to upgrade the car and bag them a tidy profit.
20Best of UKBest of UK (19 Oct. 2015)
Mike and Edd wrap the season with a "Best of the UK" episode, highlighting their favorite moments in and out of the new workshop.
21Best of USABest of USA (18 May 2015)
Mike and Edd wrap the season with a "Best of the USA" episode, highlighting their favorite moments in and out of the new workshop.