Wheeler Dealers (TV Series 2003– )

Season 11

1Top 10: Edd-achesTop 10: Edd-aches (30 Jul. 2014)
Mike and Edd tally up Wheeler Dealers biggest "Edd-aches", the most difficult builds that ever graced Edd's garage.
2Ford Fiesta XR2Ford Fiesta XR2 (17 Mar. 2014)
Mike scours the country for one of his dream cars from his youth. An iconic fast Ford. However, Edd is not so enthusiastic and Mike needs his lanky mechanic onside because margins on modern classics are slim with a lot of hard work ahead.
3Porsche 993 TargaPorsche 993 Targa (24 Mar. 2014)
Mike decides to go and stand in front of a six speed manual Targa 911 Porsche. However, they do not come cheap as they are a significant and popular sports car in history. Can Mike find a suitable car for the mechanical master Edd to fix up?
4Mazda RX-7Mazda RX-7 (31 Mar. 2014)
Mike finds a Mazda Coupe that appears to have nothing wrong with it and tasks Edd with making a good car even better. But will he rise to the challenge?
5Citroën 2CV AZLPCitroën 2CV AZLP (7 Apr. 2014)
Mike finds a 56-year-old Citroen 2CV, retired in the sunny south of France. However with age come problems, can Edd fire life into the smoky old engine?
6Maserati 3200 GTMaserati 3200 GT (14 Apr. 2014)
Mike buys a supercar from the super saver menu, specifically an Italian thoroughbred for under £10,000. But with supercars come super-sized bills.
7Chevrolet CamaroChevrolet Camaro (21 Apr. 2014)
Mike buys a muscle car that was once someones pride and joy in the USA but now, half the car is in the boot. Edd needs to tame the mighty muscle car without losing the Camaros charisma.
8AmphicarAmphicar (28 Apr. 2014)
Mike takes the plunge and invests in a car and a boat, all in one. However, it has some underlying problems that could quite easily make his profits sink like a stone.
9Ford ThunderbirdFord Thunderbird (1 Sep. 2014)
Sold as the world's first sporty luxury car, the Thunderbird sold healthily in its day. Mike is searching for a 57' edition that can make him a profit.
10Jaguar XJ-CJaguar XJ-C (8 Sep. 2014)
The XJC is a two door version of the XJ6 four door saloon. The last Jaguar to be designed by Sir William Lyons, this iconic 'corporate sports car' will attract admirers.
11Audi TT Mk1Audi TT Mk1 (15 Sep. 2014)
Mike buys a 2001 6-speed manual Audi TT Quattro coupe with 140,000 miles on the clock, a dodgy gearbox, milky headlamps, inoperative passenger electric window and dead pixels on the dash display.
12Volkswagen Type 2 "Splitscreen"Volkswagen Type 2 "Splitscreen" (22 Sep. 2014)
Mike travels to South Carolina, USA and buys an all-black, empty, 1967 13-window Volkswagon Type 2 Deluxe. Also known as a "splitty" due to the two-pane split windscreen, this "bus" is rust-free but missing door cards, half the switch gear, headlining, a radio and has non-standard bucket seats.
13BMW Z1BMW Z1 (29 Sep. 2014)
Mike buys a 1989 canary yellow (in and out!) 2.5L 6 cylinder LHD BMW Z1 roadster with a noisy clutch bearing, missing indicator stalk, misbehaving unique electric driver's door and a patchwork quilt of a back box exhaust.
14DarracqDarracq (6 Oct. 2014)
To celebrate their 100th car Mike and Edd restore a vintage Darracq Type L. Will they be ready in time to face their toughest ever test drive - the London to Brighton Run?
15Lincoln ContinentalLincoln Continental (13 Oct. 2014)
Mike tracks down a Lincoln Continental, which set new style standards for luxury sedans in the 1960s. But tastes have changed and Edd hatches a refurb plan.
16Archive ShowArchive Show (6 Oct. 2014)
Mike and Edd recap their best deals, biggest gambles, worst breakdowns, handover nightmares, biggest headaches, greatest car transformations, and best test drives.