A'dam - E.V.A. (TV Series 2011– )

Season 2

1ValentijnValentijn (9 Nov. 2014)
Eva is pregnant and could give birth any moment. She is expect the baby on Valentine's Day . Expectant father Adam is trying to help Eva as much as possible, but notes that it is kept away. As the city gears up for love and romance, Adam and Eva must to find the confidence in each other again. Flower courier Marty and his girlfriend Dorien trying to get pregnant through IVF and prostitute Conchita receives flowers from a secret admirer.
2KraamtranenKraamtranen (16 Nov. 2014)
To the surprise of Eva and Adam, Cornélie has come to help the newly parents. Soon she takes over the entire household. She does not like it that Adam and Eva live separately. While Eva is trying to settle into her new role as a mother, she realizes how much she misses her own mother. The his wheelchair-bound Gé de Raas is visited by two young Jehovah's Witnesses and a Bulgarian street musician dies from a contagious infectious disease .
3VoorjaarsschoonmaakVoorjaarsschoonmaak (23 Nov. 2014)
Adam and Eva decided to move in together again. It just does not come along to Amsterdam to find a suitable and affordable home for a young family. Harm-Jan meets broker Kobus Kroon. Maybe he can help? Cats daycare owners Pepijn and Mirthe found a creative way to get housing.
4GodenzonenGodenzonen (30 Nov. 2014)
Adam and Eva moved into their new houseboat on the Amstel and meet their new neighbors. They start getting better at finding their niche as a family, only threatens contact with their best friends Harm-Jan and Timo. While Amsterdam gears up for the classic Ajax - Feyenoord takes Margriet Wildekamp all the stops for her seven year old daughter Isabelle to origins the best birthday party ever.
5Curriculum vitaeCurriculum vitae (7 Dec. 2014)
Eva's maternity is over. Valentine is big enough to go to the nursery and Eva can get back to work . Only her job at Capricio Tours is on the tour: Harm-Jan is closing the agency to start something new with his boyfriend Jerome. While Adam makes a big promotion, Eva needs to find a new job. Weatherman Hajo van Velzen becomes completely on his speed when his suitcase is reversed and luggage assistant Grace dreams of a career as a flight attendant .
6Nut En GenoegenNut En Genoegen (14 Dec. 2014)
It is now high summer. Adam has bought a canal boat and snaps him with Timo. To the chagrin of Eva he takes his new German colleague Alma with sail. Timo befriended in the gym with two dubious Albanian cousins. Between Harm-Jan and Jerom play the first irritations when they can get an allotment by Jerom 's uncle and aunt Trudy Cor. Ilse's friend Tobias has not come home after a night out. She goes looking for him and found that he led a double life.
7Van Dam tot DamVan Dam tot Dam (21 Dec. 2014)
Adam has given his department up for the Dam tot Dam loop. When he discovers that the municipality intends to move the houseboats from the Amstel River, he commits a stupid action . Dolores has to call him back and Eva discovered that Adam hides more from her. Homeless petrol thieves Zippo and Peer must leave their shelter along the ring road to find their friend Putin, while motorcycle cop Ray is trying to get the city under control.
8Nieuw ZeelandNieuw Zeeland (28 Dec. 2014)
Adam and Eve have big plans: they want to emigrate to New Zealand, seeking the peace and quiet that they miss in Amsterdam. Harm-Jan and Jerom have just just decided to get married and wanted Eva questions as a witness. Timo has gotten into trouble, but Eva's sister is lawyer and she helps Timo from the fire. Deborah, too heavy driver of a Street View car, suspects her boyfriend Freek is a 'feeder' and we see the Moroccans Mohemmed and Samih grow up in one day in Amsterdam.