A'dam - E.V.A. (TV Series 2011– )

Season 1

1De eerste maandagDe eerste maandag (6 Mar. 2011)
It's Monday, April 1st, the first Monday of the month. Adam is brand new from Zealand to live in Amsterdam and begins his new job at the department Funerals Township of the city government. By an accidental clash, he meets Eva van Amstel, a young , spirited Amsterdammer.
2KoninginnenkoortsKoninginnenkoorts (13 Mar. 2011)
Amsterdam is on the eve of Queen's Night. Adam has invited his friends from Zeeland to celebrate the Queen's Day in the capital with him. Eva decides after her failed affair that she never need a man or a relationship. Harm-Jan takes her in tow by the orange colored city.
3IJsheiligenIJsheiligen (20 Mar. 2011)
Adam and Eva decided after their unexpected kiss to go further as good neighbors and pretend nothing happened. Adam can not suppress his feelings and want to meet Eva to know each other better. Their first date seems to be a fiasco.
4Openbare WerkenOpenbare Werken (27 Mar. 2011)
Timo, the best friend of Adam, helps to remodel the bathroom. Eva finds out she became pregnant after her first time with Adam. Adam is thrilled with the news and the two decide to move in together. Harm-Jan takes her out to dinner at Hotel l'Europe because he is convinced that he will win the jackpot.
5De HarmonieDe Harmonie (3 Apr. 2011)
Adam and Eva now live together and adopt a dog from a shelter. Eva feels so happy that she asks Adam to marry her. Adam wants before he say yes to her proposal to meet Eva's family. Adam and Eva also goes to Zealand for Eva to meet Adam's family. Eva discovers in Zealand a secret from Adam's past.
6NachtschadeNachtschade (10 Apr. 2011)
Eva is in all states about her upcoming wedding with Adam. Harm-Jan should help Eva to pick out a dress. The marriage falls apart, partly due to an out of control during the bachelor party.
7Paradise LostParadise Lost (17 Apr. 2011)
After Adam is discharged from the clinic, Adam and Eva try to pick up their relation again. But this is more difficult then both expected. Eva decides to have an abortion, A fracture between the two is inevitable.
8HamsterdamHamsterdam (24 Apr. 2011)
It is autumn, the city is preparing for Halloween. Adam and Eva have been months apart and have not seen each other all the time. If the body of a young homeless is found, Adam realizes that it has to be Eva's brother Gijsbrecht. Eva wants to arrange the funeral of her brother.