Hell Girl: Three Vessels (TV Series 2008–2009)

Season 1

1Ubawareta shôjoUbawareta shôjo (4 Oct. 2008)
Above Ondo Maki mock at school. Every night she calls on "Hellish correspondence" and by turns enters the names of all class-mates, because does not know, who of them her invisible enemy. At school nobody decides to help her, except a kind teacher that the only cares of girl.
2Caged BirdCaged Bird (11 Oct. 2008)
Kurosaki Yaoi with family already a few months searches the sister. All this time Yaoi torment strange visions. Hearing sounds at night, she goes to the room of sister, and includes a notebook, where "Hellish correspondence" waits.
3The Rotten FruitThe Rotten Fruit (18 Oct. 2008)
Mariyano popular singer. However she has an envious person wishing to her to take revenge.
4Elder BrotherElder Brother (25 Oct. 2008)
Ukava ordinary schoolboy, to that is terrorized by class-mates. He decides to engage to ken-do.
5CicadaCicada (1 Nov. 2008)
Grandmothers of one of schoolgirls it is required to discharge a teacher. But that does not intend to surrender.
6My TeacherMy Teacher (8 Nov. 2008)
Yuna in love in the teacher of physical education and jealous her of other teacher. She calls to the Hellish girl.
7LiarLiar (15 Nov. 2008)
A mother compels a son to tell that she in earnest is sick. Atsushy calls to the Hellish girl.
8Next DoorNext Door (22 Nov. 2008)
A woman envies the neighbor and in every way tries to do a lot of harm her.
9Lost InariLost Inari (29 Nov. 2008)
A girl in a class is famous that her fortunetelling's come true. But to kill a man for her does not turn out. She has to appeal to the Hellish girl.
10The Goldfish in the MirrorThe Goldfish in the Mirror (6 Dec. 2008)
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11The Blotted PageThe Blotted Page (13 Dec. 2008)
Kuzuya's mother spends all money on new kimonos. Kuzuya intends to send a salesman in hell.
12Mid-Summer GraphMid-Summer Graph (20 Dec. 2008)
Namura defined yet, who to send in hell. But he found a method to be quicker determined.
13The Six-Script LanternThe Six-Script Lantern (27 Dec. 2008)
Kitagava wishes to avenge the father. The best friend Yuzuki sets forth for hell.
14Street Corner of MaliceStreet Corner of Malice (10 Jan. 2009)
Command of hellish girl lead Ai in dwelling.
15Rabbit and TortoiseRabbit and Tortoise (17 Jan. 2009)
All consider Usagi a tortoise. A brother gathers to send her in hell, but also she not so is innocent, as seems.
16Trap of TemptationTrap of Temptation (24 Jan. 2009)
Nave tells how sent a man in hell.
17Inside the StrawInside the Straw (31 Jan. 2009)
History of Hikaru opens up.
18Special RadioSpecial Radio (7 Feb. 2009)
A girl constantly writes on the favorite broadcasting. Her letters are popular. But she knows once, that all in a transmission goes on a scenario.
19Snow, Moon, FlowersSnow, Moon, Flowers (14 Feb. 2009)
Hereditary family of florists lives in city. Once the rights an extraneous woman declares on the head of family.
20Hell Doctor vs. Hell GirlHell Doctor vs. Hell Girl (21 Feb. 2009)
A professor tries to prove existence of hell.
21The Back FrontThe Back Front (28 Feb. 2009)
A stepmother beats unmercifully a stepchild. A boy gathers to take advantage of hellish mail.
22Flower and MoonFlower and Moon (7 Mar. 2009)
A girl substitutes the sister by surveys. She finally gets used in a role.
23Twilight HillTwilight Hill (14 Mar. 2009)
A boy is constantly beaten unmercifully by class-mates. He wishes to send an offender in hell.
24MayflyMayfly (21 Mar. 2009)
Yuzuki understands that disappeared from this world. All tracks of her existence are effaced.
25YuzukiYuzuki (25 Mar. 2009)
History of Yuzuki opens up. Appears, she died already a long ago.
26Spiritual LocusSpiritual Locus (4 Apr. 2009)
Yuzuki becomes a new hellish girl. However she violates a rule.