Harley Street (2008– )

Season 1

1Episode #1.1Episode #1.1 (17 Jul. 2008)
After med school, London physician Dr Robert Fielding starts a practice in fancy Harley Street with two study mates, plastic surgeon Obiang and ambitious Martha Elliot. Together they bid against wealthy Dr Felix Quinn for the client list of well-established, retiring Dr Harvey Cost, whose daughter Miranda seduces Robert before revealing her identity. Meanwhile Robert's best friend Joe Lacey struggles with a paternity issue and dying wife while Robert's father Mal keeps secrets concerning his health.
2Episode #1.2Episode #1.2 (24 Jul. 2008)
Dr. Cost's daughter Miranda demands endless ex with Robert, so he'll be late for her father's client list auction, then dumps him, but proves by way of goodbye-present it's a near-worthless fraud. Robert's partners are deeply disappointed, again, questioning his commitment to the common practice. Actually they see afterward Robert saved them a fortune when rich rival Dr Felix Quinn's bid is accepted. Brewer Nick Marsh is obsessed by his struggling business, so even when devoted secretary Susie Linn gets Dr Robert Fielding to examine him there, the acute ulcer ...
3Episode #1.3Episode #1.3 (31 Jul. 2008)
Robert treats competitive footballer (soccer) Callum Calder and discovers his secret use of steroids is a crucial factor in his general health peril. Felix, feeling vindictive about the worthless patient list, comes across the lab results while dating Martha, the next day a tabloid plans to print the story, but Robert gets a lawyer friend to prevent that. Tom fell in love with a Jewess and proves an extremely zealous convert, eager to complete the process by getting circumcised, but his bride Maya hides mixed feelings.
4Episode #1.4Episode #1.4 (7 Aug. 2008)
Studly personal trainer James Davison is brought in unofficially by his girlfriend, hospital nurse Annie, but diagnosed victim of excessive after-hours junk-food consumption. Sisters Betty and Gwen consult Robert, who discovers their bickering and pills dosing problems mere symptoms of a dark conflict. Pianist Jef Turner knowingly delays life-saving therapy, to partner Lucy's horror, to do the conservatory audition he dreamed of all his life.
5Episode #1.5Episode #1.5 (14 Aug. 2008)
When Robert diagnoses patient Max Rogers with early, unpredictable Alzheimer's, the top lawyer feels his life no longer worthwhile. David Entwhistle, devoted father of angelic Jack, was kind to max, who resolves to commit suicide in order to donate the heart David, even on top of the waiting list, is desperately in need of.
6Episode #1.6Episode #1.6 (21 Aug. 2008)
Robert's troublesome father Mal Fielding's renal condition is worsening seriously enough for a hospital admittance in Dr. Powell's care, but also truth time. Robert is not amused to fin out Martha hid the identity of the probable father of daughter Tess, who Robert suspected could be his. It's professor Simon Burgess, who visited her from the US concerning his serious condition, which is congenital. Robert discovers his patient Samantha Taylor's serious condition could been prevented if Felix hand't practiced careless quick medicine on her.