The Unremarkable Juanquini (TV Series 2020– )

Season 1

1An Invisible FatherAn Invisible Father (15 May 2020)
Juanquini is a terrible magician who embarrasses his kids. But when he pulls off a most amazing trick, no one believes it - including the cops.
2The Magician in His LabyrinthThe Magician in His Labyrinth (15 May 2020)
Juanquini keeps telling the police he knows nothing, but they keep trying to break him for information. Meanwhile, his family finds him a lawyer.
3ExtraditionExtradition (15 May 2020)
When a U.S. federal agent shows up to extradite Juanquini, the local authorities - and Juanquini's family - have decisions to make.
4The Echoes of AbsenceThe Echoes of Absence (15 May 2020)
While Juanquini tries to get back to his family, they have a sudden run of good luck. Agent Patty Smith consults magicians to explain the vanishing act.
5A New FamilyA New Family (15 May 2020)
Juanquini suddenly finds himself living with Ñato and his family, including a volcanic wife. Meanwhile, Juanquini's family is struggling again.
6Toccata and FlightToccata and Flight (15 May 2020)
Agent Smith and the locals can't seem to break the case, but Ñato's lawyer has concluded Juanquini is telling the truth - and wants to off him.
7Easy to Get Into, Hard to Get Out OfEasy to Get Into, Hard to Get Out Of (15 May 2020)
Have the police and Ñato been looking at the wrong person - at beleaguered Juanquini - when the real magician has been right under their noses?