Mujeres asesinas (TV Series 2008– )

Season 1

1Sonia, desalmadaSonia, desalmada (17 Jun. 2008)
Sonia tolerates the infidelities and scorns of Fernando, until the sweet Marcela ignites her pain. She does not rest until avenging in a sadistic way that Marcela gets in the way of her and her husband's happiness. She kidnaps her in her car, causing her to believe that she would take her to work, takes her to her house that is under construction and there tortures in many ways until at the end with a surgeon's bistoury, she cuts off her neck, puts it in the trunk of her car, and burns her body in an abandoned trash can.
2Mónica, acorraladaMónica, acorralada (19 Jun. 2008)
A poor girl (Iran Castillo = Mónica) must to care her mother who is invalid after a car crash. The mother (Ofelia Medina = Beatriz) is a former movie actress now in a stormy, neurotic state due to the frustration of living in a wheelchair. Mónica wants to kill her mother because she does not, at least, shows some gratitude for her sacrifices. In a surprise party for the return to home of Beatriz after a non serious fall, Mónica gets mad and explodes due to the loudy and impertinent friends of her mother, mainly Beba (Cristina Michaus), who is besides a frequent ...
3Margarita, ponsoñozaMargarita, ponsoñoza (24 Jun. 2008)
Margarita is an old believing woman and announcer of the word of God. She sees her daughter-in-law Teodora as a provocateur, which purifies according to her twisted beliefs. She keeps her locked in a shed in the house. They hit her, she is raped by Margarita's husband, Miguel and humiliated by Jorge, her son. Teodora has a modest friend named Carolina, she does not agree that Teodora has to support her husband's family, but Teodora's love for him will lead her to be subjected to physical mistreatment . In the end, Margarita, her husband and son, husband of Theodora ...
4Jéssica, tóxicaJéssica, tóxica (26 Jun. 2008)
Jessica is tired of her husband Rodolfo's abuse, with whom she has a small son. Rodolfo gets seriously ill.
5Martha, asfixianteMartha, asfixiante (1 Jul. 2008)
Martha lives an agony of solitude and sadness, which will drag her entire family. She always cares and protects her children, see if they breathe, disinfects their dolls with chlorine, takes them daily to the doctor. But everything changes after Paul, her husband leaves her to go with her boss's daughter, Nora. She ends up suffocating to her 2 children with a pillow to punish him. In the end, she hangs herself in her room where she was hospitalized.
6Claudia, cuchilleraClaudia, cuchillera (3 Jul. 2008)
Claudia, a young drug addict, lives aimlessly, having no children, no husband, no mother to turn her away from an irremediable destiny. She decides to rob her ex-in-laws' house with her lover, but the owners of the house are still there.
7Patricia, vengadoraPatricia, vengadora (8 Jul. 2008)
Patricia is a beautiful young woman victim of family violence. Her father is a violent man, and when Patricia was a child he would rapes her. She tries to make her mother open her eyes and realize the type of man with whom she married, but her mother defends him. After her father tries to abuse her sexually, she hides in the bathroom and desperately calls his homosexual brother, who runs to help her and dies in an automobile accident. Patricia despairs and murders her father by nailing a knife in his abdomen.
8Cándida, esperanzadaCándida, esperanzada (10 Jul. 2008)
Candida is an attractive woman who wants to leave behind a dark life. She is a prostitute. She only wants a home, a man to take care of and to be taken care of. She suffers from the abuses of Víctor her pimp partner, who also manages other women in the prostitution business. She meets Don Angel, an older man, owner of a hardware store, who offers him a home, so leaves his trade aside. But Victor threatens her.
9Emilia, cocineraEmilia, cocinera (15 Jul. 2008)
Emilia is a middle-aged woman and victim of men. Her landlord sexually harasses her for owing him 3 months' rent. Her husband closes his eyes to her efforts to pay the debt.
10Sandra, trepadoraSandra, trepadora (17 Jul. 2008)
Sandra is fed up with her husband's mistreatment and decides to end her problems in a way that she will later regret. Her father always told her that she was a princess and she believed him literally, then tired of seeing that her husband does not treat her as such, decides to kill him with the medicine his father took for the heart. Her husband ends up a cardiac arrest. The same happens with her next two husbands, until the brother of the last one discovers the situation.
11Cristina, rebeldeCristina, rebelde (22 Jul. 2008)
Cristina was born for evil and treason that will always lead her to reopen past wounds. She always has been a bad seed, a corrupt police that commits outrages one after another, abuses the young people. But when the networks of corruption of her begins to come to the light, under the influence of a large amount of cocaine, she shoots her lover, a lawyer she conquered in order to keep the investigation under control.
12Ana, corrosivaAna, corrosiva (24 Jul. 2008)
Ana lives in an apartment with a friend from the university, in an argument between the two, she breaks her elbow with the door glass, is taken to the hospital and meets Martin, a plastic surgeon there. They begin a relationship, he gives the keys to his house to go when she wants, but in time the things change. When her lover cheats and humiliates her, she picks up a flask of sulfuric acid and spills it on his body while he sleeps. In the end he survives but looses several parts of his body.
13Emma, costureraEmma, costurera (31 Jul. 2008)
Emma and her husband Mario are victims of an armed house assault, in this percussion Mario receives a bullet in the column, because one of the assailants finds a sum of money that Emma hid and refused to give. Mario is paralyzed. She only receives humiliation and abuse from her partner. She has a lot of debts and also must pay the expenses of her husband, one of these is to pay the masseuse. When she finds out her husband having sex with the masseuse, at an outbreak she gets angry and pours oil on him and then with a match sets a fire on him.