Who's Your Daddy (2020– )

Season 2

1Main Shoo Gaya Tey Shaa Aaya...Main Shoo Gaya Tey Shaa Aaya... (22 Dec. 2020)
A delivery boy for a desi-style pizza outlet, a masseuse at a spa, and a college student are the different facets of Shoosha's life. Shoosha's best friend and roommate Balwinder, also works at the spa. Shoosha meets Sukoon at his new college. Krutika, Sukoon's arch rival takes a special interest in Shoosha.
2Monica, O My Darling!!!Monica, O My Darling!!! (22 Dec. 2020)
Sukoon sympathizes with Shoosha on learning that he is an orphan and invites him to her parents' marriage anniversary celebration. At the party, Shoosha is shocked to see Sukoon's father.
3Aapko Uncle Bulayun Ya Daddy?Aapko Uncle Bulayun Ya Daddy? (22 Dec. 2020)
Mohak, Monica, and Sukoon are bewildered by Shoosha's claim. Mohak's attempt to appease Monica goes in vain. Sukoon devises a plan to help Shoosha find his mother, Anamika.
4Par Main Aaya Kahaan Se???Par Main Aaya Kahaan Se??? (22 Dec. 2020)
Sukoon and Shoosha visit Imran to find Shoosha's mother. While Shoosha learns new facts about his mother, his father's identity remains concealed. Meanwhile, Krutika teams up with Appu to create a rift between Sukoon and Shoosha.
5Happy Passport Wala BirthdayHappy Passport Wala Birthday (22 Dec. 2020)
Mohak and Monica's relationship continues to be strained. Sukoon and Shoosha find more clues about another potential father. Krutika plans to expose Shoosha's bad boy persona. Appu forces Sukoon to attend Krutika's birthday party.
6Kal Raat Ke Liye Thank YouKal Raat Ke Liye Thank You (22 Dec. 2020)
Unaware of Krutika's trap, Shoosha manages to escape from the club with Anukriti's help. Mohak pleads with Monica to return home, while Shoosha and Sukoon visit a hacker to find more details about TJ.
7Kundaliyaan, Taare Aur NumbersKundaliyaan, Taare Aur Numbers (22 Dec. 2020)
Krutika visits Sukoon's house to collect samples for the DNA test. The hacker gives Shoosha a lead about a woman, and Shoosha and Sukoon visit the lady to know more about TJ. But their quest does not lead them any closer to finding Shoosha's father.
8I Love You Shoosha....I Love You Shoosha.... (22 Dec. 2020)
Krutika manages to wedge a crack between Sukoon and Shoosha. Later, she rummages through Shoosha's possessions and is stunned to find an old photograph in his wallet.
9Sex Ka Sex Yoga Ka YogaSex Ka Sex Yoga Ka Yoga (22 Dec. 2020)
Things take a turn for the worst for Shoosha and the Baggas. Monica leaves the house after finding out about the DNA results. Shoosha decides to leave town after becoming the victim of fabricated proofs.
10Meri Aakhri DeliveryMeri Aakhri Delivery (22 Dec. 2020)
Anukriti and Balwinder look for the person responsible for the wrongful DNA report. Shoosha visits Lovely to deliver Batto's parcel where Lovely reveals an important information about Shoosha's mother. In fact, he also has the answer to Shoosha's question.
11Shooshe... Yeh Hai Tera Daddy...Shooshe... Yeh Hai Tera Daddy... (22 Dec. 2020)
The journey of confusion and mystery comes to an end as Shoosha meets his father. Krutika apologizes for her hurtful behavior. All is forgiven and everyone starts afresh.