Who's Your Daddy (2020– )

Season 1

1Tu Janta Nahi Meri Maa Kaun HaiTu Janta Nahi Meri Maa Kaun Hai (2 Apr. 2020)
When Tidda questions his daddy about his origin, Soggy takes a trip down memory lane that's filled with quirky adventures and characters. How did Soggy manage his love life and the CD business? Will Tidda find the answer to his question?
2Nahana Hai?Nahana Hai? (2 Apr. 2020)
Soggy clears his misunderstanding with Mehak but faces a new problem. Chibber, Das, and Pammi entrust Soggy with a responsibility. With a broken delivery system, he looks at his handsome father Prem for a reliable partner.
3Emotion Nikal Gaya Kya!Emotion Nikal Gaya Kya! (2 Apr. 2020)
Prem arrives at Chibber's, having agreed to lend a hand in Soggy's business. Will he be doing just that? At the birthday party, Soggy is insulted by Goldie in Mehak's presence.
4You Are My SoniyaYou Are My Soniya (2 Apr. 2020)
Chibber, Das, and Pammi offer to take yearly membership but with a condition. Soggy devises a plan to convince his father Prem to deliver the CDs at the trio's residence. What happens at Das's clinic when Prem delivers the CD?
5Kudi Virgin Nahi!Kudi Virgin Nahi! (2 Apr. 2020)
It's Mikka's wedding and Soggy has been given a duty. On the way, he picks up Mehak and her friends to be dropped at another wedding. Prem agrees to deliver the CDs that Chibber ordered.
6Triple SiyapaTriple Siyapa (2 Apr. 2020)
Prem spends a drunken night with the trio. Pissu and his gang get arrested for vandalizing Soggy's shop. At the police station, Pissu sees an opportunity to get back at Soggy. The trio is getting ready to attend a secret party.
7Aaj Ki Raat Kuch Hone Ko Hai!Aaj Ki Raat Kuch Hone Ko Hai! (28 Apr. 2020)
Soggy and Mehak spend their day together and Mehak asks Soggy to meet her family. Meanwhile, Prem Singh enjoys his secret night party with the trio and Das tries hard to woo Prem Singh.
8Hisaab BarabarHisaab Barabar (28 Apr. 2020)
Prem and Chhibber have a heart-to-heart. Das gets upset seeing them together and fights with Chhibber. Meanwhile, Prem's opinion about the trio changes after the secret party and Soggy's family gets ready to meet Mehak's family.
9Sabka KategaSabka Katega (28 Apr. 2020)
While Soggy's family comes to meet Mehak's family, Soggy leaves for an urgent job and gets arrested by the cops based on Pissu's tip. Chhibber pulls strings to get Soggy released and Soggy learns about Mehak's engagement.
10Mummy Mil GayiMummy Mil Gayi (29 Apr. 2020)
While Soggy and Prem are getting married, Pammi hand delivers a divorce notice to her husband. Pammi thanks Prem Singh for his support but asks him to come clean to Chhibber about Das.
11Tu Janta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun HaiTu Janta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai (29 Apr. 2020)
While Chhibber confronts Prem Singh about Das, Soggy discovers an upsetting truth about Sonia's pregnancy. In this tale of complete chaos, will Chhibber-Prem Singh and Soggy-Sonia get married? Will Tidda get to know who his mother is?
12Pata Chalega Who's My DaddyPata Chalega Who's My Daddy (29 Apr. 2020)
Prem Singh and Soggy are entrusted with a lifelong responsibility. Tidda is left teary-eyed on learning about his mother's identity. What does the future hold for Soggy, Prem Singh and Tidda?