The Real Housewives of New York City (TV Series 2008– )

Season 9

1How They Got HereHow They Got Here (16 Mar. 2017)
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2Talk of the TownTalk of the Town (5 Apr. 2017)
Luann catches Dorinda up on how her wedding plans are unfolding. Dorinda complains about Sonja’s persistent bad mouthing of her. Bethenny and her realtor friend Fredrik get to work to sell the apartment she got back in the divorce.
3It Girl, InterruptedIt Girl, Interrupted (12 Apr. 2017)
Tinsley Mortimer, has just moved back to the city and is the latest boarder in Sonja’s townhouse. Bethenny invites Carole and Ramona over to discuss life, politics and Sonja’s new roommate.
4A New LowA New Low (19 Apr. 2017)
The ladies head to the Hamptons. Carole is staying at Bethenny’s and the only thing she can talk about is the election.
5The Etiquette of FriendshipThe Etiquette of Friendship (26 Apr. 2017)
Ramona’s dinner party continues and Dorinda confronts Sonja about her incessant trash talking. Carole disinvites Ramona from her Election Night party because she doesn’t believe Ramona is taking the presidential election seriously enough.
6The Politics of FriendshipThe Politics of Friendship (3 May 2017)
Carole and her mom go canvassing in Pennsylvania, and later Carole and her friends watch the results come in while at her party. Sonja is conflicted between "Frenchie" and Rocco.
7Wishful InvitationWishful Invitation (10 May 2017)
Ramona questions Luann about not being invited to her wedding and then decides to confront Bethenny yet again.
8Bidding on LoveBidding on Love (17 May 2017)
Bethenny lets Dorinda know all about her new apartment. Ramona gets advice from her daughter about her situation with Bethenny. Tinsley, Ramona and Sonja hit the Upper East Side for a night out.
9Return of the BerzerkshiresReturn of the Berzerkshires (24 May 2017)
Bethenny meets with Fredrik Eklund to discuss selling the Mercer apartment. Ramona shows Carole a text she received from a friend regarding Luann’s fiancé. Tinsley’s mom is in town for a visit.
10Two Weeks NoticeTwo Weeks Notice (31 May 2017)
The women join Dorinda in telling Luann what they've been hearing about Tom; Bethenny urges Luann to get out now; Ramona's weird behavior at dinner throws everyone off; the conflict between Bethenny and Ramona reaches new heights.
11Black Out and Get OutBlack Out and Get Out (7 Jun. 2017)
Bethenny and Ramona’s fight reaches an explosive level.
12A Countess No MoreA Countess No More (13 Jun. 2017)
Bethenny hosts her annual holiday party, but Ramona's not invited. Ramona gets advice on her situation with Bethenny from her daughter Avery and Avery's friends.
13Regency ReunionRegency Reunion (20 Jun. 2017)
Sonja’s love triangle gets more complicated. Tinsley goes apartment hunting. Carole and Adam bicker over items he left behind in her apartment.
14A Bronx TaleA Bronx Tale (27 Jun. 2017)
Dorinda fights with Sonja while the ladies lunch in the Bronx. Tinsley breaks down.
15A Slippery SlopeA Slippery Slope (4 Jul. 2017)
Sonja digs a deeper grave for herself. While the ladies hit the slopes, a big news story about Bethenny breaks. Bethenny is on the fence about inviting Ramona to Mexico.
16Oil and VinegarOil and Vinegar (11 Jul. 2017)
Back in the city, Bethenny fine tunes the upcoming trip to Mexico. Carole has her day in court while Sonja gets an intimate cosmetic treatment.
17Three Tequila... Floor!Three Tequila... Floor! (19 Jul. 2017)
The ladies arrive in Mexico and Ramona and Sonja scramble for the best room, swiftly alienating themselves from the the group. Tinsley confronts Ramona and Sonja about a damaging article. Luann takes a tumble. Bethenny reprimands Sonja.
18Tequila-thonTequila-thon (26 Jul. 2017)
The drama continues as Bethenny confronts Ramona about attending the trip. Tinsley readdresses the article with Sonja, while some of the other ladies try their hand at surfing.
19Make Out, Make UpMake Out, Make Up (2 Aug. 2017)
The ladies drink up and strip down back at the villa. Sonja spreads the love to all the ladies while Bethenny and Ramona have a nude detente in the pool.
20Thank You and Good NightThank You and Good Night (9 Aug. 2017)
Tinsley has Carole over to see her new digs. Luann and Tom challenge each other during a game of tennis. Bethenny deals with the stresses of renovating a new apartment, but finds distraction with a hot, new fling.
21Reunion Part 1Reunion Part 1 (16 Aug. 2017)
The ladies put it all out on the table. Dorinda and Sonja hash out their early season issues. Luann faces more allegations about Tom and continues to defend her marriage.
22Reunion Part 2Reunion Part 2 (23 Aug. 2017)
"Tinsley opens up about her re-entry into NYC life and reveals some big news. Carole reflects on the election and the status of her relationship, while Sonja discusses her personal love triangle, which elicits a shocking accusation about her French lover. Bethenny gets emotional talking about her personal life. "
23Reunion Part 3Reunion Part 3 (30 Aug. 2017)
The housewives look back on their trip to Mexico. Tinsley and Sonja attempt to clear the air and salvage their friendship.