The Real Housewives of New York City (TV Series 2008– )

Season 5

1A New New YorkA New New York (4 Jun. 2012)
Sonja kicks things off with a party to mingle with Aviva, Carole and Heather. They all seem to hit it off... until Ramona arrives. Heather and Carole try to figure out who to trust and not. Picking up right where they left off, LuAnn is still annoyed with Ramona about the disparaging comments she made about LuAnn's parenting and tries to discuss it with her at the party.
2Say What You Mean, Just Don't Say It MeanSay What You Mean, Just Don't Say It Mean (11 Jun. 2012)
To settle their differences, LuAnn and Ramona finally meet up to clear the air. LuAnn wants Ramona to own up to blackmailing her, but Ramona sees it differently and denies any wrong doing. Carole and Aviva head downtown for shopping and chatting while further uptown, Sonja asseses the severe water damage caused by Hurricane Irene to her townhouse. Will flirting with contractors help her? Meanwhile, Ramona gets upset after a lunch with Aviva where she discovers LuAnn's been a little too chatty and when Sonja goes M.I.A. at a GLAAD Awards event, no one is surprised by ...
3Boozy BrunchBoozy Brunch (18 Jun. 2012)
Uptown ladies Aviva, Heather and Sonja take a trip downtown to Carole's cool neighborhood where she hosts an afternoon of brunch, booze and bitching that includes New York's most popular ex-husband, Harry, Carole's commitment phobia and Aviva's fear of just about everything else. With her townhouse falling in on her, and no settlement in sight, Sonja attempts to take charge of her financial future by launching a catering company. Always hard at work, Heather decides to mix business with pleasure and invites SOME of the ladies to join her on her next business trip to ...
4Diss-InviteDiss-Invite (25 Jun. 2012)
Ramona invites Aviva, Carole and Sonja for lunch to discuss her current issues with Heather, however, Sonja chooses to have a secret rendezvous with LuAnn instead. LuAnn voices concern that Ramona has control over Sonja but Sonja sets the record straight. Always the journalist, Carole and her friend Tripp head downtown to witness the Wall Street protest, where they takes photos, sign petitions and Carole talks about her time working at ABC News. In order to resolve their issues, Ramona agrees to meet Heather for drinks hoping to get an invite to the London trip but ...
5The Cool GirlsThe Cool Girls (2 Jul. 2012)
Aviva and Heather discuss the London trip. Aviva asks Sonja to throw her an anniversary party. Ramona and Heather clash when they try to calmly talk about their issues.
6I'm U.K., You're U.K.I'm U.K., You're U.K. (9 Jul. 2012)
Carole, Sonja and LuAnn arrive in London and live it up in a gorgeous penthouse Heather arranged for everyone. As Heather is busy working, the women shop in Notting Hill, and Carole lets the ladies in on her life in London after her husband died. Back in the Big Apple, Ramona and Aviva also go shopping -- but this shoe shopping experience has Ramona shocked and amazed with Aviva's prosthetic leg. The London ladies stay in for a night and have a slumber party. They laugh, play games and bond over dinner in the suite, while gossiping about Ramona.
7Good Trip, Bad FallGood Trip, Bad Fall (16 Jul. 2012)
Sonja, Heather, LuAnn and Carole are finishing up their London trip with a day of fun and games. They head off for a very English game of Croquet, but by this point, tension is building between Carole and LuAnn and Heather comments that we may be seeing the "royal wars." In NYC, with very little time left to prep her anniversary party, Aviva is concerned with Sonja's lack of party planning and brings Ramona to check out the party location. Back in London, the ladies end the trip with a farewell dinner where Carole tries to give LuAnn a taste of her own medicine by "...
8Blinded by the WineBlinded by the Wine (23 Jul. 2012)
Ramona, Sonja, Carole and Aviva meet for lunch to discuss London and the Anniversary Party. Aviva mentions going to Miami with Ramona and extends an invitation to Sonja to be set up with her sex-crazed father. Carole, coincidently will be in Miami at the same time. Heather brings Sonja to her office to meet with James Bernard, a logo expert, to help Sonja with her brand, but things go south quickly. Later that night, LuAnn and Jacques host a wine event and invite all the ladies. They have Ramona sit down with the Master of Wines to do a blind tasting, but when she's ...
9Dirty Ol' DadDirty Ol' Dad (30 Jul. 2012)
Carole, Ramona, Aviva and their husbands go out for dinner in Miami with Sonja and her "date," Aviva's sex-addicted father, George. Later in the trip at the Art Basel festival, Aviva pulls Sonja aside to ask how to deal with Ramona. While on a shopping trip in New York, Carole calls out LuAnn for asking her friend to loan her dresses.
10You Want to What Me in the Where?You Want to What Me in the Where? (6 Aug. 2012)
Ramona invites all of the ladies and their significant others out to dinner - except for Heather. But things go awry quickly as LuAnn offends Carole and Mario takes issue with Jacques. LuAnn hosts a holiday party that all of the girls attend, and a very drunk Sonja confronts Jacques and LuAnn about some very personal issues. And to top off the night, the ladies get up on stage to sing.
11This Party Is ToastThis Party Is Toast (13 Aug. 2012)
To celebrate the holidays, Carole hosts a "White Elephant" party for the ladies and their husbands. Aviva brings her father George, who happens to be in town and LuAnn and Heather get their first dose of the sex-crazed patriarch. Sonja arrives to her toaster oven photo shoot over an hour late - which immediately ticks off Heather, who has organized the entire thing. Carole finally finished her book and wants to celebrate by inviting all the ladies to come with her to St. Barth's for a vacation.
12All How You Spin ItAll How You Spin It (20 Aug. 2012)
Aviva hosts a charity event at Soul Cycle to raise money for children who need prosthetics. Ramona and Sonja are no shows, which angers Aviva, who thinks that if booze was served, they would've showed up to support her. Aviva and Carole meet at a jewelry store where Aviva tells Carole she's most likely not going to make it to St. Barths because of her fear of flying. After raising money at the Soul Cycle event, Aviva brings Carole and her son, Harrison, to "A Step Ahead," where she presents a young boy named Jake with a pair of prosthetic running legs.
13Pirate Booty CallPirate Booty Call (27 Aug. 2012)
The ladies arrive in St. Barths without Aviva and head straight for their beautiful villa, and realize it's first class all the way around. On their first evening, Carole's boyfriend, Russ, shows up just in time to meet the women and save the conversation. A night out at Le Ti has the ladies enjoying tequila shots and a pirate-themed performance. The next morning, rumor has it LuAnn kept the party going much later than anyone else.
14Slutty IslandSlutty Island (3 Sep. 2012)
The ladies have invited friends over to the villa for a party, but only two people show up - Cat, LuAnn's old friend and Tomas, the "Johnny Deep look-alike" from the night before. The ladies think it was Tomas that LuAnn brought back to the villa the previous night and Ramona takes the opportunity to get to the bottom of it.
15Vacation, All I Ever WantedVacation, All I Ever Wanted (10 Sep. 2012)
Ramona is upset when Aviva, Reid, Carole and Russ set up a double date without her and Sonja. On the final night, Sonja and Ramona add fuel to the fire when they opt to return to the villa instead of going to see Russ perform.
16What Happens in St. Barths Doesn't Stay in St. BarthsWhat Happens in St. Barths Doesn't Stay in St. Barths (17 Sep. 2012)
LuAnn brings Jacques to a dinner party back in New York, causing Ramona and Sonja to wonder if she's told him the truth about what happened with Tomas in St. Barths. Sonja and Aviva go to dinner to try to resolve their issues but even more drama unfolds.
17Don't Make Room for DaddyDon't Make Room for Daddy (24 Sep. 2012)
Aviva's father, George, is back to his usual antics, but Sonja doesn't have time to be charmed as she continues to be disappointed by her ex-husband. Aviva and LuAnn join Heather for a walk through at the location of Heather's upcoming Yummie fashion show where Heather has a special request for Aviva.
18All's Well That Doesn't End WellAll's Well That Doesn't End Well (1 Oct. 2012)
Sonja and Heather try to put the finishing touches on Sonja's toaster oven box. Aviva meets with Heather for her fitting and is hesitant with the look that is chosen. Finally, it is a night of confrontation at Carole's book party as Heather confronts Ramona about ruining her charity event and Ramona and Aviva's disagreement comes to a boiling point.
19Reunion, Part 1Reunion, Part 1 (8 Oct. 2012)
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part one brings Aviva Drescher, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer and Heather Thomson to rehash this season's drama.
20Reunion, Part 2Reunion, Part 2 (15 Oct. 2012)
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part two reunites Aviva Drescher, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer and Heather Thomson to discuss catfights and confrontations on this season.
21Lost FootageLost Footage (22 Oct. 2012)
Host Andy Cohen opens up the Bravo vault to show never before seen footage, from Ramona's discovery of Aviva's prosthetic leg to baby talk from numerous housewives. Take an inside look into the Housewives' business ventures and even more St. Barths drama.