The Real Housewives of New York City (TV Series 2008– )

Season 4

1Grin and Bare ItGrin and Bare It (7 Apr. 2011)
Ramona kicks off fall in New York City with a rooftop cocktail party. Things are still tense between Jill and Alex as this is the first time they've seen or spoken to each other in months. The newest Housewife Cindy Barshop, owner of Completely Bare spas, is having an art party and all the girls show up, invited by Ramona, Cindy's friend.
2March MadnessMarch Madness (14 Apr. 2011)
It's the day of the MENY (Marriage Equality NY) March over the Brooklyn Bridge and Alex, Kelly and LuAnn meet at Sonja's before the event to get dressed and head over together. Alex is excited as she's on the committee and can't wait for Simon's speech and Sonja is getting nervous as she is Grand Marshall of the event and will kick off the march as the final speaker. Meanwhile, Cindy finds out from her brother, Howie, that Ramona offended his girlfriend causing Cindy to see another side of Ramona.
3Hairy MessHairy Mess (21 Apr. 2011)
Alex calls Sonja to meet for lunch as she's still devastated by being thrown out of Sonja's house and wants to set the record straight. Ramona, surprisingly, has been asked to walk in yet another fashion show. LuAnn's wine exporter boyfriend, Jacques, hosts an evening of wine drinking & speed-dating.
4Ramona'dRamona'd (28 Apr. 2011)
While shopping at Vivienne Tam, Sonja confides in Cindy that she plans to get Ramona and Kelly together, as a surprise to Kelly, so they can work out their differences. While there, Cindy betrays Sonja's confidence in a big way. At Cindy's birthday party at a horse farm in Quogue, Ramona tries to confront Cindy's brother, Howie, about an ongoing issue, but when a disgusted Cindy overhears the conversation, she quickly shuts Ramona down.
5Follow Pecking OrdersFollow Pecking Orders (5 May 2011)
Jill returns from Australia with a new perspective, or so she claims, trying to stay out of the gossip. Sonja summons Cindy to her townhome and educates her on the importance of having Pinot Grigio at parties and explains the group's so-called "pecking order." Alex has Jill over for lunch and the two both, finally, get everything out on the table.
6The Mask Has Two FacesThe Mask Has Two Faces (12 May 2011)
Sonja is throwing a masquerade ball and enlists designer Chris March to help her spice up her costume. Jill joins Cindy on a trip to the dentist to fix Cindy's troubled teeth. Ramona hosts a party for the launch of her wine - but trouble quickly erupts as gossip spreads about Jill's behavior behind Ramona's back.
7Travel ReservationsTravel Reservations (19 May 2011)
With all the fighting that has been going on between the girls, LuAnn decides the best solution is to take a ladies trip somewhere exotic. Cindy has planned a spa retreat with Jill, Kelly & LuAnn to relax and regroup before the big trip. Back in the city, Jill hosts an Anti-Bullying charity event, inviting all of her friends, even Ramona - but with too much wine too early in the day - the ladies wonder how the trip will go.
8Misfortune TellerMisfortune Teller (26 May 2011)
The women are off to Morocco with LuAnn as the hostess! That afternoon, LuAnn, Jill, Kelly and Cindy hit the town for some shopping. While in a fabric store, Jill runs into her old friend Brad, not coincidentally, who invites the women to his birthday party that night.
9A Riad DividedA Riad Divided (2 Jun. 2011)
The women are at Brad's party and the fortune teller is continuing her news. LuAnn and Kelly are translating for Ramona that another woman is thinking of her husband, Mario. Although Jill and Ramona have been on their best behavior with each other on the trip, they have put their impending talk off for too long and finally decide to chat.
10Last Call, Morocco!Last Call, Morocco! (9 Jun. 2011)
The dust is settling in the Riad after the blowup between Jill and Ramona. The next day, Jill, Kelly, Sonja, Cindy & Alex head to tour one of the many opulent palaces in Morocco. Shaken from how upset Ramona is from last night, Alex storms in on LuAnn, Kelly & Cindy with the intention of telling LuAnn off for "reprimanding Ramona."
11Debt Becomes HerDebt Becomes Her (16 Jun. 2011)
The ladies return to NYC from their trip to Morocco. Ramona realizes that she hasn't been devoting enough time to Mario and plans a romantic night for them at a luxury hotel. Meanwhile, Sonja's been keeping a big secret... While the women were in Morocco, the Wall St. Journal made public that Sonja declared bankruptcy revealing that she is 19 million dollars in debt.
12Sixteen and Skip the SweetSixteen and Skip the Sweet (23 Jun. 2011)
Ramona and LuAnn are planning Sweet 16 Parties for their daughters, Avery and Victoria. Jill goes to Dr. Pat Wexler's to get a liquid face lift that changes her look dramatically. Later on, it's Jill's b-day and LuAnn surprises her with a party at Chez Josephine. Meanwhile, Alex supports Simon through a hypnotherapy session in order to quit smoking.
13Your Tweeting HeartYour Tweeting Heart (30 Jun. 2011)
Sonja is trying to get her life back on track so she hires a Feng Shui expert to help her bring more positivity to her life. Little does she know that Ramona is throwing her a surprise party. During a party that Cindy is throwing for the launch of her new completely bare waxing product, Simon approaches Jill to discuss some of their "issues."
14Burlesque Is MoreBurlesque Is More (7 Jul. 2011)
Sonja is throwing another party -- this time the theme is burlesque and she will be performing. LuAnn invites Jill to join her at the recording studio to hear her newest song, Chic C'est La Vie and is elated when her producer suggests that she make another music video. Simon confronts Jill at Sonja's burlesque party to defend himself against Jill's accusations that he is cyber bullying her.
15Video Killed the CountessVideo Killed the Countess (14 Jul. 2011)
LuAnn is planning on shooting a video for her new song, "Chic C'est La Vie" and she invites all the ladies to take part in it. Sonja invites Cindy to her home for another try at friendship, but Cindy surprises her by taking a business call in the middle of their breakfast, which doesn't sit well with Sonja. Meanwhile, Ramona and Sonja head to Brooklyn for an art party the Van Kempen's are throwing at their home.
16L.O.V.E. DuelL.O.V.E. Duel (21 Jul. 2011)
LuAnn decides to throw Jacques a surprise party for their one-year anniversary (of dating). While at her producer's studio, Natalie Cole shows up and LuAnn invites her to the party. At a dinner party Ramona is throwing for Alex, Simon, Sonja and Brian, Ramona reveals that she would like another baby.
17Reunion Part 1Reunion Part 1 (25 Jul. 2011)
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part one brings together Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and Cindy Barshop to discuss some of the most talked about antics of the season.
18Reunion Part 2Reunion Part 2 (1 Aug. 2011)
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part two brings together Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and Cindy Barshop to answer some of the viewers' most burning questions.