The Real Housewives of New York City (TV Series 2008– )

Season 1

1Preview SpecialPreview Special (22 Jan. 2008)
Bravo gives viewers a sneak peek of the upcoming series "The Real Housewives of New York City," an up close and personal look at this season's Housewives and a preview of what's to come.
2Meet the WivesMeet the Wives (4 Mar. 2008)
Ramona gets ready to go to the Hamptons for the summer with her daughter Avery. Jill's daughter Allyson wants to go to a swanky detox center in Martha's Vineyard to work on her health. LuAnn and family move into their Hamptons home for the summer. Bethenny works on building her career, but is really focused on settling down with her boyfriend Jason. Alex and Simon head to St. Barts for summer vacation.
3The HamptonsThe Hamptons (11 Mar. 2008)
Jill and Allyson head to a detox center in Martha's Vineyard. Ramona gets ready for a fashion show in the Hamptons, and Mario and Avery help her find an "appropriate" outfit. LuAnn's daughter Victoria competes in the prestigious Hamptons Classic. Bethenny meets with fashion designer Ginny Hilfiger who is dressing her for Jason's sister's charity event. Back in the Hamptons, feelings and egos are bruised when Ramona throws a cooking party for several ladies and invites LuAnn but not Jill.
4Fashion WeekFashion Week (18 Mar. 2008)
Jill takes Allyson on a tiring back-to-school shopping trip at an expensive Manhattan boutique, where she notes that it costs "$1 million dollars" to raise a child in the city. Ramona attends a Fashion Week show, where she bumps into Jill. Tensions rise when Jill realizes that Ramona is seated in the front row and she isn't. Alex and Simon present Francois with a new backpack for his first day of pre-k. Jill, Bethenny and Brad, Jill's "gay husband," go out on shopping trip, but Bethenny is embarrassed by Brad's "over-the-top" behavior. LuAnn and Ramona go to an Alice ...
5Social WifeSocial Wife (25 Mar. 2008)
Jill, Bethenny, Alex and LuAnn get together at a swanky New York restaurant. LuAnn and Alex hit it off, while Bethenny gets annoyed with what she perceives as Alex's pretentious behavior. Alex and Simon have dinner with Jill and Bobby, who have offered to help them get their son Francois into a private school through Jill's connections. Bethenny and Jason plan a romantic dinner, and as a woman of action, she decides she is ready to officially move in together and springs the subject on him. Meanwhile, Ramona takes Avery to an audition for a Meryl Streep film.
6Careful, She BitesCareful, She Bites (1 Apr. 2008)
Bethenny meets Alex to teach her healthy cooking techniques for her family. Bethenny confides in Alex that she and Jason are having trouble. The van Kempens get ready for a big night out. Ramona gets Avery and her friends ready for a school dance.
7Girls' Night OutGirls' Night Out (8 Apr. 2008)
At a suite at the Hotel Chandler, Alex and Simon get made up for opening night at the opera?their biggest event of the year. Jill and Bobby go out to dinner with Bethenny and Jason. Bethenny and Jill's "gay husband" Brad are at Jill's apartment getting ready for the dinner party. They have invited Alex who insisted on bringing Simon, despite it being a girls-only night and tempers flare as Ramona berates Alex for bringing Simon to a girl's night.
8Second ChancesSecond Chances (15 Apr. 2008)
The De Lesseps take a family trip to the Statue of Liberty, where the Count talks to the kids about the significance of the statue and their family history. Bobby takes Jill for a romantic dinner, and surprises her with a gift of lingerie that does not impress her. Simon and Alex discuss Francois' school evaluation, which Alex must attend alone because Simon has to go to Australia due to the death of his stepfather. Jill decides to throw a holiday party for all five women and their families.
9ReunionReunion (22 Apr. 2008)
The ladies of New York City reunite with host Andy Cohen.
10The Lost FootageThe Lost Footage (27 May 2008)
Catfights, commotion and chaos! The ladies from the big apple had their share of drama, but Bravo could only fit so much into each episode. "The Real Housewives of New York City: The Lost Footage" features never before seen moments of everyone's favorite empire state ladies -- Jill, Bethenny, LuAnn, Kelly, Alex, Sonja and Ramona.