Rent-a-Girlfriend (2020– )

Season 1

1Rent-a-GirlfriendRent-a-Girlfriend (10 Jul. 2020)
Kazuya is dumped by his girlfriend after a month of dating her. Desperate to find another, Kazuya rents a beautiful girl named Mizuhara
2Ex-Girlfriend and GirlfriendEx-Girlfriend and Girlfriend (18 Jul. 2020)
Immediately after deciding not to rely on pretend dating anymore, Kazuya is hit with a triple whammy of reveals: Chizuru not only goes to his college but lives next door to him, and his grandmother is coming to visit and wants to see her.
3Beach and GirlfriendBeach and Girlfriend (25 Jul. 2020)
Kazuya barely has time to deal with the fallout of the situation in the pub before the gang heads off on a short trip to Izu, where they run into someone unexpected.
4Friend and GirlfriendFriend and Girlfriend (1 Aug. 2020)
Mami's plan comes to a head as Kazuya decides to set the story straight, to mixed reactions.
5Hot Springs and GirlfriendHot Springs and Girlfriend (8 Aug. 2020)
Kazuya and Chizuru are set up by their grandparents to visit a hot spring.
6Girlfriend and GirlfriendGirlfriend and Girlfriend (15 Aug. 2020)
Kazuya leans his friend Kuribayashi has a girlfriend, Ruka Sarashina. But when Kuri is absent, Ruka confronts Kazuya and Chizuru about their relationship.
7Provisional Girlfriend and GirlfriendProvisional Girlfriend and Girlfriend (22 Aug. 2020)
Ruka attempts to blackmail Kazuya into going out with her.
8Christmas and GirlfriendChristmas and Girlfriend (29 Aug. 2020)
As Winter rolls in and Christmas is on the horizon, Kazuya sees Chizuru out with another guy and decides to follow them. Is this other guy Chizuru's real boyfriend?
9Lies and GirlfriendLies and Girlfriend (5 Sep. 2020)
Chizuru and Kazuya keep the lie alive in front of Kazuya's grandmother, but now there is a new guest that will get things even more complicated. And the lie becomes lies.
10Friend's GirlfriendFriend's Girlfriend (12 Sep. 2020)
Kuribayashi's having a very difficult time. After knowing it, Kazuya decide to do something to cheer him up. But would it be a good idea? Chizuru has a favor to ask to Kuzuya.
11Truth and GirlfriendTruth and Girlfriend (19 Sep. 2020)
Kazuya goes on his date with Sumi, an introverted Rent-a-Girlfriend.
12Confession and GirlfriendConfession and Girlfriend (26 Sep. 2020)
Chizuru and Mami-chan go on a date.