Pixar in Real Life (TV Series 2019– )

Season 1

1Inside Out: Console in the ParkInside Out: Console in the Park (12 Nov. 2019)
Real people discover the console from Inside Out, influencing the emotions of parkgoers.
2Finding Dory: Aquarium EscapeFinding Dory: Aquarium Escape (6 Dec. 2019)
Dory and Hank surprise real aquarium visitors as they attempt to escape in a stroller.
3WALL·E: Lost and FoundWALL·E: Lost and Found (3 Jan. 2020)
People help a woman who lost her wedding ring and get a friendly surprise they won't forget.
4Toy Story: Traffic Cone RescueToy Story: Traffic Cone Rescue (7 Feb. 2020)
Al's Toy Barn opens a New York store, and the Toy Story gang attempts to rescue Woody.
5Brave: Merida Visits an Archery RangeBrave: Merida Visits an Archery Range (6 Mar. 2020)
Merida visits a local archery range in Long Island to showcase her talents and skills.
6Up: Russell Earns A BadgeUp: Russell Earns A Badge (10 Apr. 2020)
Russell asks real New Yorkers to help him earn his Wilderness Explorer badges.
7Monsters, Inc.: Laugh EnergyMonsters, Inc.: Laugh Energy (1 May 2020)
Real people try out monster technology to generate electricity from laughs and screams.
8The Incredibles: New York City DashThe Incredibles: New York City Dash (5 Jun. 2020)
Dash asks New Yorkers to time his run around the block, suprising them with his incredible speed.
9Up: Balloon Cart AwayUp: Balloon Cart Away (3 Jul. 2020)
When Carl asks real New Yorkers to watch his balloon cart, they get an uplifting surprise.
10WALL·E: BnL Pop-up ShopWALL·E: BnL Pop-up Shop (7 Aug. 2020)
BnL opens a New York store, offering hungry customers an unexpected taste of the future.
11Coco: Abuelita Says No MusicCoco: Abuelita Says No Music (4 Sep. 2020)
When Abuelita catches Miguel playing guitar in the park, he tries to change her mind through music.