CIF (TV Series 2019– )

Season 1

1Khooni KhelKhooni Khel (2019)
A mysterious gang of robbers and murderers who slaughter whole families after loot and vanish without leaving evidence terrorizes North India. CIF team is assembled to catch and stop them at Lucknow.
2Maut Ka TamashaMaut Ka Tamasha (2019)
Classroom having Hanuman's daughter, students, teachers taken hostage by a woman suicide bomber. Commissioner gets a demand to release a high profile criminal from custody for hostages.
3ShadyantraShadyantra (2019)
An old informer of CIF discovers a terrorist plot to bomb Mumbai city and kill CIF by 2 foreign tourists who are terrorists. They murder him, his pregnant wife to lead CIF to Mumbai to face the conspiracy and threat on life in their trap.
4AkadAkad (2019)
4 Partners in a Construction firm, 2 young men and 2 women are against each other. A series of murders, attempted murders and vanishings of the 4 challenges CIF in a complex case of Mistrust and betrayals.
5AatankAatank (2019)
On flight Ali discovers a plan to bomb 3 crowded places at Lucknow from a murdered passenger. 1 bomb rocks Lucknow with 2 more to be found by CIF in 2 hours barely.
6Kabr Ka RaazKabr Ka Raaz (2019)
A businessman is murdered his driver accused who gets bail. Mysterious events put CIF on the case when Graveyards are desecrated with graves of those buried on the day of murder are dug up by someone mysterious in search of something.
7ShikaarShikaar (28 Sep. 2019)
A psychopath serial killer is trapping young poor girls with desire for world travel on a dating site. All the girls vanish after promising families they are going abroad for job after reaching airports Commissioner puts CIF on case.
8MautanaMautana (24 Oct. 2019)
CIF is assigned on a 6 month old disputed suicide case where a man Dinu's dead skeleton is hanging outside his mansion tree awaiting justice by village rules where his ex-employer must pay compensation for his death.
9ChunautiChunauti (31 Oct. 2019)
4 people are kidnapped across city their photos sent to CIF members in a challenge. Each kidnapped member confined at a spot has a clue to the next victim's location. The Cat and Mouse game turns dangerous soon for Victims and CIF both.
10Samundar Ke SaudagarSamundar Ke Saudagar (7 Nov. 2019)
CIF is in Mumbai to bust network of fake currency racket. 2 reckless teens steal 2 fishes used to smuggle same, create chaos across city when they find the notes and spend it leading to fake currencies in market and series of murders.
11RaavanRaavan (14 Nov. 2019)
A serial killer is killing people before Dusshera and placing Raavan masks on murdered. Their stolen mobile phones are used to call the next victim and found with them in a pattern that leads CIF on a wild goose chase of hit and miss.
12BadlaBadla (21 Nov. 2019)
Girl vanishes from school dance performance, her body found raped murdered, case closed. 1 year later her best friend daughter of politician vanishes from same function and school. CIF must find what connects both cases.
13DangalDangal (28 Nov. 2019)
A national team chosen young wrestler Rajvir is murdered, who is son of Hanuman's own wrestling Guru. Hanuman gets emotionally driven in this case leading to 4 suspect rivals, and enemy wrestler family of Rajvir's girlfriend.
14ApharanApharan (10 Nov. 2019)
A van of blind school student hostages crashes at CIF office. Kidnappers exchange hostages for and kidnap Hanuman Panday. Ali must murder a minister to save Hanuman.
15GumrahGumrah ()
A gang of tech savvy young robbers plan a daring bank robbery during Chhat Puja near CIF office. They arrange for a diversion to send DCP and CIF out of town during their heist. Inspector Kesari Kumar replaces Hanuman on leave.