The Stoneman Murders (TV Series 2019– )

Season 1

1Saint and SinsSaint and Sins (13 Sep. 2019)
Sneha, an aspiring writer, runs into Baba Jibanananda on a train to Haridwar. Who is he and what are his intentions?
2CamouflageCamouflage (13 Sep. 2019)
While Sneha and Saina take a tour around Haridwar, they are followed by a sadhu. Is he one of Baba Jibanananda's men?
3Before the MurderBefore the Murder (13 Sep. 2019)
Sneha reads the diary she received and tries to solve the mystery behind the infamous murderer called the "Stoneman". Will she find the truth?
4Face to FaceFace to Face (13 Sep. 2019)
Sneha looks around for evidence and figures out a possible suspect. Will she go to the police?
5Do It NowDo It Now (20 Sep. 2019)
Sneha meets the investigators of the case. Will they believe in the authenticity of the diary after reading it?
6Friend in DisguiseFriend in Disguise (20 Sep. 2019)
The Stoneman tries to find a way to tackle Haran, while the police attempt to figure out his motive. Will they uncover his reason for murder?
7Hide and SeekHide and Seek (20 Sep. 2019)
The Stoneman is chased by a gang, as Sneha and Saina are interrogated. Will, the police make a move?
8RevengeRevenge (20 Sep. 2019)
While Sneha discusses with Saina about the real identity of the Stoneman, the police locate his address. Will they find him?
9In Search of a MysteryIn Search of a Mystery (20 Sep. 2019)
Stoneman is attacked by a gang, as Sneha discloses her findings to her mother. Will the police catch the Stoneman red-handed?