Someone Has to Die (TV Mini-Series 2020)

Season 1

1Soltar la presaSoltar la presa (16 Oct. 2020)
Gabino returns to Spain and discovers that all his relatives are waiting for him to marry Cayetana. Meanwhile, in his environment he begins to question his friendship with Lázaro, a Mexican dancer.
2Tomar punteríaTomar puntería (16 Oct. 2020)
Rumors about the alleged relationship between Gabino and Lázaro, fueled by a spiteful Cayetana, are red hot. Mina tries to help them escape.
3Apretar el gatilloApretar el gatillo (16 Oct. 2020)
Amparo and Gregorio resort to extreme measures to silence the scandal, but the revelation of long-hidden secrets has always been a discord between the Falcon family.