Deliver Us (TV Series 2019– )

Season 1

111 (9 Oct. 2020)
This Danish thriller follows five citizens of a small town who decide to join forces to rid the town of Mike, a local who is ruining everyone's lives. But they soon realise that once you start playing God, it's easy to end up as the Devil.
222 (13 Oct. 2019)
The local psychopath, Mike, continues his terrors in the small town. As he spreads vicious rumours about Tom, Bibi takes action. Martin meets his teen love, Anna, and he gets another reason to stay in town.
333 (20 Oct. 2019)
Anna and John's problems at home are growing, and Anna withdraws more and more from their marriage.
444 (27 Oct. 2019)
The group gets a golden opportunity to kill Mike. John fights for his and Anna's marriage, while Kasper moves further and further away from them.
555 (3 Nov. 2019)
A shattered group tries to return to a normal life, but they all struggle with powerlessness and abstinences. Anna tells Kasper the truth.
666 (10 Nov. 2019)
The tension in the group escalates when Martin's affair with Anna is revealed, but Martin and John are forced to work together to carry out Peter's plan.
777 (17 Nov. 2019)
It's Midsummer, and it's time to carry out the murder on Mike. But when Milad's son runs away to investigate the truth about his father's past, it threatens to ruin everything.
888 (24 Nov. 2019)
Confusion reigns after the attempted murder on Mike had an unexpected fallout. While everybody tries to figure out what happened, Mike has once again gotten away unpunished.