A Espia (TV Mini-Series 2020)

Season 1

1Episode #1.1Episode #1.1 (8 Apr. 2020)
Maria João goes to Porto because of an assault on the Mascarenhas branch. It is in the city Invicta that the best friend, Rose, introduces you to Siegfried Brenner.
2Episode #1.2Episode #1.2 (15 Apr. 2020)
December 1941. Life in Lisbon changed with the war. A mysterious accident at a tungsten mine brings engineer Siegfried Brenner to the capital.
3Episode #1.3Episode #1.3 (22 Apr. 2020)
Rose, who in the meantime convinced her friend to take sides for the Allies, orders her a new mission: Maria João has to convince engineer Siegfried to go to the New Year party.
4Episode #1.4Episode #1.4 (29 Apr. 2020)
Maria João steals from Siegfried the microfilm with the Reich's plans for Portugal. Major Beevor is intercepted by Ribeiro Casais and Vieira. The Legion discovers the English plans and an unexpected partnership is born.
5Episode #1.5Episode #1.5 (6 May 2020)
Larenz and Carlos accuse Siegfried of being against the Fuhrer and the lover of a married woman, in order to pressure him to solve the problem of the mine and resume production. Maria João makes a decision that could endanger her family.
6Episode #1.6Episode #1.6 (13 May 2020)
Larenz continues to undermine the allies advances. Richard photographs Larenz and agent Paul together. Situation he's going to use to blackmail him. Siegfried's identity is discovered, as is the truth about the mine accident.
7Episode #1.7Episode #1.7 (20 May 2020)
Maria João re-encounters Siegfried and tries to find out when a shipment of gold arrives in Portugal. Maria João and Rose collaborate with Richard on the mission to intercept. A diplomatic crisis begins between Portugal and England.
8Episode #1.8Episode #1.8 (27 May 2020)
With the failure of the interception of the gold shipment, Maria João accuses Siegfried of being a Nazi spy. Larenz tries to flee Portugal. An unexpected return puts the life of Maria João in danger.