Encounters with Evil (TV Series 2016–2018)

Season 1

1Thrill KillersThrill Killers (2016)
A look at murders who kill for thrills. Featuring the "Kindly Killer" Dennis Nilsen, Australia's "Backpack Killer" Ivan Milat, and Britain's "Gay Slayer" Colin Ireland.
2PsychopathsPsychopaths (2016)
The history of three psychopathic serial killers are reviewed. Peter Tobin, Ian Brady and Joanna Dennehy.
3Evil ImprisonersEvil Imprisoners (2016)
What is it like to be abducted, imprisoned and sexually tortured; in some cases for years? Ask the victims of Ariel Castro, Josef Fritzl and Wolfgang Priklopil.
4Prophets of DoomProphets of Doom (2016)
What motivated cult leaders Jim Jones, David Koresh and Marshall Applewhite.
5Kidnap KillerKidnap Killer (2016)
Encounters with Evil with criminals who kidnap and murder their victims. It looks at cases where perpetrators seize their victim and hold them, before ultimately killing them. It looks at cases including the Scottish case of Robert Black who kidnapped and killed young girls. It also looks at the murder of James Bulger by two young British boys Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the abduction of Peter Falconio by Bradley John Murdoch in Australia, and the murder of two girls by Ian Huntley.
6Killer in the FamilyKiller in the Family (2016)
Encounters with Evil look at criminals who prey on members of their own families. It looks at cases of family annihilation and other murders in the family. It looks at the case of Jeremy Bamber who killed three generations of his own family in the White House Farm murder. It also looks at the cases of child killer Stuart Hazell and wife murderer Mitchell Quy.
7Flesh EatersFlesh Eaters (2016)
Encounters with Evil looks at criminals who cannibalize their victims. It looks at several infamous cases including the notorious case of Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer who murdered multiple young men before consuming them. It also looks at the Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths and German cannibal Armin Meiwes.
8Spree ShootersSpree Shooters (27 Feb. 2018)
An examination of Spree Killers Adam Lanza, Thomas Hamilton, Michael Ryan and Columbine's Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
9Sex CrimesSex Crimes (27 Feb. 2018)
The crimes of sadistic sexual murderers Peter Sutcliffe and Steven Wright; along with those of the married predators Fred and Rosemary West, are examined.
10Murderous MedicsMurderous Medics (27 Feb. 2018)
The Hippocratic Oath meant little to these deadly doctors. Examined are the unpleasant careers of Josef Mengele, Beverly Allitt and Harold Shipman.