Intelligence (TV Series 2005–2007)

Season 2

1A Man EscapesA Man Escapes (1 Oct. 2007)
On the DEA sting in Seattle, Jimmy knows he has no chance to escape so decides to give himself up. Against Altman's wishes (he who is also in Seattle with the DEA), the DEA however has other intentions, namely to take Jimmy out for good and decide to shoot him under the pretense of Jimmy being armed and dangerous. In the process, the DEA shoots Morgan, shoots and kills one of their own in a friendly fire situation, shoots and kills an innocent bystander and allows Jimmy to escape into the night. Because of the situation, Altman heads back to Canada and warns Williams ...
2A Man Is FramedA Man Is Framed (8 Oct. 2007)
While Mike is in custody, Jimmy manages to make it across the border back into Canada undetected. He temporarily holes up in his summer house, where Raoul has brought his niece, Lorna, as an assistant, much to Bob and Jimmy's chagrin. Ronnie puts pressure on Hogarty, who Ronnie suspects was planning to run off with the money. Although Hogarty swears that he will clean up his act, problems arise when he is suspended from work which means that he no longer has access to the money. Ronnie also has problems with Francine, who accuses him of trying to place a wedge between...
3A Man UndergroundA Man Underground (15 Oct. 2007)
Jimmy, hiding out in the Chick-a-dee's basement, continues his sexual dalliance with Lorna, which started at his summer house. Both Ronnie and Bob are concerned about Jimmy's safety because of it. Indeed, Lorna does whatever she can to be with Jimmy, even if it compromises his safety. Ronnie suspects the OCU may have bugged the club during the raid, and does indeed find the place wired and uses it to his advantage. Tensions escalate between the Disciples and Mike, who arms himself with a small arsenal. Major violence is about to erupt between the two when the OCU ...
4A Man and a Woman BetrayedA Man and a Woman Betrayed (22 Oct. 2007)
One of Katarina's girls, Julianna Vejzna - a Romanian national - is being extorted by an Immigration official, Robert Bergen. Mary tries to use this situation to her advantage by exposing Bergen and using him as part of her intelligence network. In catching Bergen in this extortion, Kiniski places an audio and video surveillance in Julianna's apartment. However, getting Bergen to cough up useful information is difficult for Julianna to achieve. Mary is asked by the Defense Department to intervene in an exposé on faulty military vehicles being written by journalist ...
5Love and ConspiracyLove and Conspiracy (29 Oct. 2007)
After a supplier sells to the competition, Jimmy engineers a complex plot to punish him. Meanwhile, a police informant learns of an incipient DEA attempt to kidnap Jimmy. At the request of the inspector general, Mary investigates a Chinese dissident involved in a homosexual affair with a married cabinet minister.
6Something in the AirSomething in the Air (5 Nov. 2007)
The OCU has Dante's place under surveillance. Danny manages to obtain Dante's security code, which the OCU uses to break into his place to photocopy all his secret files. Desjardins learns directly from the DEA that they are collecting intelligence on Jimmy, implying that they are planning on nabbing him regardless of if the Canadian government orders his extradition to the US. They also learn through Mary that the Attorney General is also after Jimmy. Although Mary offers some protection specifically from the Attorney General, Jimmy still feels he needs to protect ...
7A Sweetheart Deal with the DevilA Sweetheart Deal with the Devil (12 Nov. 2007)
Caught between two imminent threats, Jimmy strikes a desperate deal with Mary. But are the DEA agents really who they claim to be?
8Flipping the ScriptFlipping the Script (19 Nov. 2007)
The bounty hunters are still trying to nab Jimmy to take him to the US. They aren't actually bounty hunters as there is no longer any bounty on Jimmy's head. All Desjardins can find out is that they are working on a private contract. This coincides with rumors among the underworld and among the police/CSIS that Americans are moving in on the local drug trade. To stabilize the trade, Mary and Altman try and maneuver it so that Jimmy will sell his drug trade to both the Disciples and the Vietnamese, 50/50, which will be no easy task seeing as to the bad blood between ...
9A Woman InsideA Woman Inside (26 Nov. 2007)
As Dante's lieutenant becomes the first victim in an impending turf war, Jimmy tries to broker an alliance.
10The Heat Is OnThe Heat Is On (3 Dec. 2007)
Ted uncovers the Americans' true intentions, which suggest dire consequences for law enforcement and Vancouver's drug lords.
11A Dark AllianceA Dark Alliance (10 Dec. 2007)
Under surveillance, Browne admits to Julianna that Blackmire is a front for the CIA. Kiniski convinces Mary that it best to keep this information under wraps for the time being, but they decide to bring in Julianna for her safety. Julianna has other ideas as she tries to run when Mary's team attempts to bring her in. After they manage to bring her in, Julianna admits she just needed some down time alone without having to lie to anyone. After Mary determines that Julianna can continue with her job, they proceed with Katarina selling Julianna's contract to Browne. Mary ...
12We Were Here Now We DisappearWe Were Here Now We Disappear (10 Dec. 2007)
Based on Mary's information regarding Blackmire, the Prime Minister's Office shows interest in the case, but Cleary wants to meet with Mary's informant - Julianna - to verify her credibility. Although Mary and Kiniski are wary about setting up such a meeting, they do so regardless, but do not make it face to face, and coach Julianna not to divulge the entire truth, especially her relationship with Browne. Following this meeting, Julianna can tell that Browne knows something and she needs to quickly get away. Mary realizes that she talked to the wrong people or person....