Intelligence (TV Series 2005–2007)

Season 1

1PilotPilot (28 Nov. 2005)
A spy scandal erupts after a Vancouver drug smuggler (Tracey) acquires sensitive information about a local drug squad and tries to cut a deal for himself.
2Where Good Men Die Like DogsWhere Good Men Die Like Dogs (10 Oct. 2006)
Bill and Harvey are about to be picked up by Ted's backed agents to inform on Jimmy, but Jimmy has made a deal with Bill for his silence, which includes a one-way trip to Vera Cruz. Roger Deakins, about to be replaced by Mary, is trying to wield his power over her while still in his office by demanding to be involved in all transactions with Jimmy. Jimmy refuses to this. But Ted provides Deakins with some information about what he assumes is the certain permanent silencing of Bill, which would look bad for Mary, in return for support for taking Deakins' job when ...
3A Champagne PaydayA Champagne Payday (17 Oct. 2006)
In their domestic dispute, Francine continues to use Stella as her ace in the hole to lure Jimmy into getting back together with her. Jimmy however will do anything to get sole custody of Stella. Everyone finds out that Mike was the one who ordered the hit on Bill. Due to lack of cash, Mike stiffs Raoul and Rosie, his hit people, so he accepts a dope run with the bikers to raise money. Ted gets Mary's OK to place surveillance on Mike. The run goes sour, but Mike manages to avert getting caught by both the police and Ted's men. Jimmy needs to smooth things over with ...
4Don't Break Your Brother's HeartDon't Break Your Brother's Heart (24 Oct. 2006)
Using an outside long-time contact, Mary tries to set-up a comprehensive wire tap on suspected mole, Lee Ching. Both Mary and Jimmy are respectively expanding networks outside of their organizations. Mary recruits Singh, a money launderer, with threats of jail time if he doesn't cooperate and become an informer. And Mary's recruitment of Tina is thus far proving to be useful, Tina who has successfully infiltrated the club. It helps that Jimmy has a thing for Tina. Jimmy is closer to setting up his ATM network as a front for laundering money. He also sets up a new ...
5Jimmy's Got a Money MachineJimmy's Got a Money Machine (31 Oct. 2006)
Edward Forrest has begun his surveillance on Lee for Mary. Lee, cheating on his wife, has a mistress who wants her brother to kill Lee's wife since Lee says that he can't leave her. Mary later learns the brother is a local leader in the Asian gang, the Red Eagles. Jimmy has his ATM network in place to start his money laundering business. Jimmy decides to reward Mike, who saved his and Ronnie's life, as the money transporter for the ATMs, this against Ronnie's better judgment. Tina, Mary's new informant at the Chickadee, is getting cozy with Jimmy's banker, John ...
6Where There's One There's AnotherWhere There's One There's Another (7 Nov. 2006)
Tensions mount at the club between Tina and Sweet as Sweet doesn't like Tina's territorial attitude with clients, especially since she is the new girl in the club. However, Jimmy backs Tina as he wants her to uncover information on one of those clients, Jimmy's banker, John Hogarty. Ted meets with Williams of the DEA and agrees to hand over his files on Jimmy in exchange for meeting Williams' undercover operator on the sting on Jimmy. Mary finds out that the attempted hit on Jimmy was by the Vietnamese, who they blame Jimmy for stealing business. Jimmy initially ...
7Pressure DropPressure Drop (14 Nov. 2006)
Lee starts to provide information to Mary while he continues his association with the Red Eagles. He tells Mary that the Red Eagles are planning to kill a Chinese dissident. Ted and Deakins are worried about Mary's turning of Lee, as it will expedite her move to Deakins' job. What's more, Mary will be able to tie Lee's hiring directly back to Deakins. Deakins wants Ted to move faster with his DEA contact against Jimmy to thwart Mary's power play. The DEA thinks the best way to get Jimmy is through the club. Mary's upper hand may be short lived as Lee is executed by ...
8Love and WarLove and War (21 Nov. 2006)
Mary thinks there is another mole in CSIS who tipped the Red Eagles as to Lee's helping CSIS. She takes action by asking Vancouver Homicide to take charge of the investigation, taking CSIS and the possible mole out of the investigation picture. She also requests the telephone records of the half dozen or so possible moles, all of them high ranking officers. Most are cooperative, except for Deakins, who complains to Mallaby, who further tells Mary to desist. She does, but not before she learns from Homicide that a telephone call was made from Deakins' telephone to a ...
9Clean and SimpleClean and Simple (28 Nov. 2006)
Jimmy's gang, with help from the Vietnamese and Desjardins, plot on how to hit the Disciples' money laundering business, Jimmy only wanting to scare them a little with no one getting hurt or killed. Tina secretly overhears the plotting. However, the Vietnamese end up shooting the money courier point blank. Mary meets Flannegan, Forrest's ex-CIA contact, who provides Mary info on Royden's U.S. ties, implying that Royden is still working for the CIA as a mole in CSIS. This could be true as Royden is coaching Deakins on how to work his way through Homicide's ...
10Cleaning UpCleaning Up (5 Dec. 2006)
During the traffic detainment, Winston talks the constable into confirming his undercover status solely with Altman, as he tells the constable that Jimmy has a mole in the ranks of the police. Following confirmation, the constables let Winston and Jimmy go. Later, Altman buys off the constable's silence. Although Winston and Williams are somewhat concerned about too many people, namely the constable, knowing what's going on, Altman talks Williams into taking the risk of continuing with their plan as it would take too much effort to set up another sting operation. ...
11Things ChangeThings Change (12 Dec. 2006)
The DEA begin tracking Jimmy's marijuana shipment and follow the distribution channel into the U.S. Their surveillance is so far successful, however the DEA doesn't have another large stash of weed for the next delivery and try to push cocaine instead. Winston is hesitant since Jimmy is not in the coke trade and may smell a rat, but Winston manages to at least ask the question to Jimmy without suspicion. Jimmy refuses the cocaine, which leads to Altman wanting to move on Jimmy's people in the States immediately just in case the delay causes an issue. Tina overhears ...
12Not a Nice Boy!Not a Nice Boy! (9 Jan. 2007)
Because of the large amount of money required and the fact that he really wants it to happen, Jimmy uses his shipping company as collateral for purchase of an offshore bank, the First National Bank of Ireland Bahamas Branch. To throw Mary off the track, Jimmy later agrees to work for her in handling Bingham's shipping deal in return for her assistance in his ATM problems. The DEA sweeps in on Alex Morgan, Jimmy's distributor in the US. The DEA forces Alex to work clandestinely against Jimmy, specifically to get him into the US. Senator Dugay's office confirms Mary's ...
13Dante's InfernoDante's Inferno (16 Jan. 2007)
Dante does kill Johnny, but Ronnie and Jimmy aren't sure whether he talked before his death. Phan, Johnny's cousin, wants to retaliate, this against Jimmy's wishes, but Phan manages to enlist the help of Tremblay in his scheming. Jimmy and company are cautious about what Dante might do, and as such, Francine and Stella move back in with Jimmy. Ronnie also enlists Sweet to act as a buffer between Jimmy's gang and the Disciples since Sweet is old friends with Dante's sister, Rayann. Morgan convinces Jimmy to go to the States under the pretense of renegotiating their ...
14Down But Not OutDown But Not Out (30 Jan. 2007)
Jimmy and Mary are each facing major crises, both surrounding one individual, Dick Royden. Jimmy risks being exposed as part of OCU's intel network, but he doesn't know by who. Mary refuses to tell Jimmy who it is. If Jimmy goes down because of it, his entire team goes down with him. He calls upon his inner circle, specifically Desjardins and Coombs, to find out who, and will pay any cost for the information and the ultimate disposal of that person. He also stashes a major amount of cash just as a precautionary measure. While his inner circle deals with this issue, ...