Paradise Kiss (TV Series 2005– )

Season 1

1AtelierAtelier (13 Oct. 2005)
Yukari is a high school student preparing for a college entrance exam. One day she is approached by a group of fashion design students, who ask her to become their model.
2IlluminationIllumination (20 Oct. 2005)
Yukari is trying to focus on studying, but she can't stop thinking about her meeting with the Paradise Kiss designers. While talking to George she realizes that she doesn't really know what she wants to do with her life.
3KISSKISS (27 Oct. 2005)
Yukari and Miwako meet for tea. Yukari comes to the meeting with Hiroyuki, her classmate and Miwako's childhood friend.
4GeorgeGeorge (3 Nov. 2005)
The designers are working on a fabric they want to use for their show. Yukari is uncertain about her own feelings for George.
5MotherMother (10 Nov. 2005)
Yukari tells her mother the truth about her involvement with Paradise Kiss. After an argument, she decides to leave home and quit school to focus on becoming a model.
6New WorldNew World (17 Nov. 2005)
Pursuing her career as a model, Yukari goes to her first photo session. She and George grow closer to each other.
7ButterflyButterfly (24 Nov. 2005)
Yukari moves in with George. Miwako's sister tells her about an agency looking for new models.
8TokumoriTokumori (1 Dec. 2005)
Yukari is informed that being underage she can't join a modeling agency without her parents' permission. Hiroyuki is worried about Yukari and wants to meet with her.
9DesignerDesigner (8 Dec. 2005)
Yukari's mother agrees to meet with a president of a model agency if Yukari graduates from high school. The designers face an unforeseen obstacle in completing an outfit for their show.
10RoseRose (15 Dec. 2005)
It's the day of the show and the designers are painting white roses blue to fit George's vision. Yukari is anxious about walking the runway for the first time in her life. Isabella tells Yukari about her childhood.
11StageStage (22 Dec. 2005)
Yukari walks the runway in George's dress. After the show she feels conflicted about its results.George meets his friend, who came from London to see the show.
12FutureFuture (29 Dec. 2005)
Yukari and the designers celebrate Christmas. George is considering different options for his career after graduation.